President Donald Trump will be visiting an Illinois steel mill that is boosting production as he faces opposition to his imposition of tariffs in international trade disputes.

Chelsea Beck / NPR

President Trump hosts a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Abe today at 6:00 P.M. Eastern time / 5:00 P.M. Central. The Prime Minister is meeting with the President and playing golf at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Among the points of discussion will be negotiations between the United States and North Korea and the recent visit to North Korea by CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

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Congressman Darin LaHood says he’s “thrilled” with his new committee assignment.

Speaker Paul Ryan appointed LaHood to the House Ways and Means Committee. 

LaHood considers it a significant committee because it deals with taxation, trade, healthcare, and many entitlement programs.             

“..Those are important issues to the American people. They’re important to our seniors. They’re important to every facet of our economic system.”

Members of the Illinois House passed legislation today that would require state agencies to buy American products, even if they’re not the cheapest.

Democratic Representative Jay Hoffman of Swansea is sponsoring the proposal. He says it aligns with President Donald Trump’s focus on American manufacturing.

“I could just reference your president’s executive order regarding ‘Buy American.’ This is saying our state taxpayer dollars should put our people to work and we should use the buying power of our state to create jobs and economic opportunity.”

Congressman Rodney Davis says the U.S. has the best chance for economic success in the coming years through bilateral trade agreements, rather than those involving more than two countries.  

The Peoria County Sheriff’s Office on Maxwell Road is offering its visitors parking lot and lobby for people to trade items on Craigslists.  The move follows similar actions by the Peoria Police Department building on Walnut Street earlier this year. Both groups say the goal is to provide a neutral ground for safer transactions.  

EU diplomats talk free trade at Bradley University

May 1, 2014

Bradley University hosted a panel with foreign diplomats to talk about negotiations for the latest possible free trade agreement.  The U.S. and European Union are in talks over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Angela Weck directs the Peoria Area World Affairs Council that hosted the event.  She says an eventual agreement will impact Central Illinois:

Governor Pat Quinn is on his way to Mexico Wednesday. Quinn says the focus of his trip is on improving trade between Mexico and Illinois.