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The gas tax increase in the new state budget went up 18 cents per gallon. But, there is so much deferred maintenance on Tri County roads Peoria County Engineer Amy McLaren says the tax would have to go up dollars per gallon to catch up.

CHICAGO - Gov. J.B. Pritzker hopes the burgeoning sports-gambling industry will help solve Illinois' budget troubles, but state lawmakers must first legalize expanded wagering.

Law enforcement officials and drug-policy experts have differing takes on whether Illinois should legalize general use of marijuana. 

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The state budget impasse restored funding to human service agencies that went unpaid for more than two years. But a nonprofit that provides support for victims of domestic abuse still hasn’t gotten paid for services provided during that time.

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Having a state budget after a historic, two-year political gridlock is of little comfort to K-12 school districts, healthcare and human service providers. 

The state of Illinois has officially given human resources departments the information they need to start deducting more from workers' paychecks.

Illinois Lottery officials say the state lost about $4 million by halting sales of Powerball and Mega Millions tickets due to the state budget stalemate.

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan says a newly approved state budget was the result of bipartisan efforts to end a "destructive" impasse that has gripped state government for more than two years. 

Republicans in the Illinois Senate have elected Sen. Bill Brady to serve as the chamber's minority leader.

The museum at Southern Illinois University has become another casualty of Illinois legislators' failure to come up with a state budget.

Stories of misery were told at a hearing on Illinois’ failure to pass a state budget. As IPR’s Brian Mackey reports, Democrats used the opportunity to attack Governor Bruce Rauner.

Budget Impasse Leaves Illinois Finances in Limbo

Jun 1, 2017

After missing a key deadline last night, there is still no deal to end the 2-year-long state budget impasse.  And now Illinois Senate Democrats say they can’t trust Republican Governor Bruce Rauner to negotiate.  Senate Democrats did pass a budget without GOP votes.  They say Rauner sent conflicting messages.  In Springfield, he’d tell them to keep up the negotiations.  Outside the capitol, Rauner said all Democrats want to do is raise your taxes.  Here’s Democratic Senator Toi Hutchinson.

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Protesters have completed a 200-mile Chicago-to-Springfield march in support of a state budget that supports working-class people.  More than a hundred protesters joined the March to Springfield for the final leg to the state Capitol as lawmakers attempt to hash out a budget deal before the session ends tomorrow. 

In a unanimous decision, Trustees have approved a plan to allow SIU Carbondale to borrow up to $35 million from SIU Edwardsville.

The state treasurer says not enough people realize Illinois’ credit could soon be rated “junk.” That’s if lawmakers and the governor don’t agree on a budget by the end of this month.  Treasurer Mike Frerichs has mostly avoided the political fight surrounding the state’s budget crisis. But he says if former Republican Governor Jim Edgar can criticize the current governor, piling on isn’t political.

Rauner Talks to QC Chamber

Apr 17, 2017

Met by protestors outside and members of the business community inside, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner came to the Quad Cities Monday for the second time in a week.

Illinois has entered its 22nd month without a real budget.  Among the state services most affected by the political fight are those that help victims of domestic violence.  Illinois doesn’t spend a lot of money fighting domestic violence, it’s way less than a tenth of a percent of the state budget. But since last summer, it’s spent nothing.

WIU Prepares for More Financial Uncertainty

Apr 3, 2017
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Western Illinois University says it has enough money to make it through the Spring semester. But that is not stopping the administration from developing contingency plans in case the ongoing shortfall of state funding continues. Illinois Public Radio’s Rich Egger reports.               

Members of the Illinois Senate return to Springfield  tomorrow. They’re once again expected to vote on a deal meant to end Illinois’ budget stalemate.  The top Republican and Democrat in the Senate have been working on this compromise since December.

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State lawmakers are reacting to a recent news story that 260 students at Northeastern Illinois University may be kicked out of their campus jobs because of the budget impasse.   Northeastern is looking to furlough some of its employees to save money because it’s not getting anything from the state without a budget. 

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The Illinois House is set to return to Springfield this week. Policymakers are still puzzling through last week's budget proposal by Governor Bruce Rauner. That’s partly because the Rauner administration made a significant break with tradition.

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Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is scheduled to make his third annual budget presentation this Wednesday. It comes as the top leaders in state government have gone 19 months without even trying to balance the budget. Gabe Petek monitors state finances for S&P Global Ratings. He says he’s not aware of any other state having gone this long without a spending plan.

A group of agencies and businesses that provides services to state government has opened a second front in the legal fight to get Illinois to pay billions in back-due bills. The Pay Now Illinois coalition filed a lawsuit in St. Clair County demanding state officials pay bills dating to July. 

Politicians of all parties often sidestep awkward questions.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner followed that tradition during a stop at Heartland Community College in Normal on Wednesday.

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The Illinois Senate has approved small pieces of the far-reaching budget compromise plan it's debated for six weeks. But whether the rest of the package gets a vote is questionable.  The Senate voted overwhelmingly to approve plans to streamline government purchasing and to make it easier for voters to approve consolidating or eliminating superfluous local governments. 

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After 19 months without a state budget, Illinois senators today were not yet ready to move forward on a compromise plan intended to end the impasse.  Democrats and Republicans spent hours behind closed doors, arguing about whether the deal negotiated by their leaders was good enough to end Illinois’ unprecedented budget fight.

Urbana Mayor Laurel Prussing is among those attending the US Conference of Mayors in Washington D.C. She says a common idea being heard is that municipalities are crucial in providing innovation and fiscal stability. In Illinois she says that's particularly true given the nearly 2-year impasse preventing a state budget.

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Michael Madigan was re-elected speaker of the House today in Springfield. It was the opening day of the 100th General Assembly. And Madigan used the occasion to call for a focus on economic growth.  Madigan's agenda consists largely of ideas he's suggested before: cutting the corporate tax rate, increasing taxes on millionaires, and raising the minimum wage.

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The Illinois Board of Higher Education has approved $17 million in emergency funding to help three financially-strapped state universities through the end of the year.  Under the agreement Western Illinois University gets $8.4 million, Eastern Illinois University receives about $5.6 million and Chicago State University gets around $3 million.  The funding can only be used to pay down costs incurred this year.

Gov. Bruce Rauner and Illinois lawmakers are contemplating dire economic forecasts as they meet in search of a state budget deal.  Legislative leaders met with the governor at the Capitol and discussed numbers released Tuesday by Rauner's budget director.