Shaun Livingston


You’ll soon be able to take a drive down Shaun Livingston Way in Peoria. 

(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Peoria native Shaun Livingston is retiring from the NBA.

Shaun Livingston

Apr 29, 2018

This story illustrates the challenges of tough decisions in athletic careers.

It is hard to imagine choosing not to play basketball at Duke University for one of the most successful college coaches in history, Mike Krzyzewski. But that is exactly what Shaun Livingston did after being named Illinois Mr. Basketball, and winning two State Championships, with Peoria’s Central High Lions. Some pundits and fans doubted the wisdom of Livingstons’ decision.

Peoria Area Athletes Reflect on Home Town Origins

Apr 8, 2018

It's been written that you can't go home again.

While some people think of me as a hometown athletic hero, not everyone remembers my time as a high school basketball player in Peoria or a collegian at Indiana. This helps me to concentrate on my work today, and planning for the future, rather than reflecting on former glory.

Yet, we cannot forget the forces that formed us.

Reflecting on his first ballot election to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, Jim Thome noted that “Everything starts at your roots."