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The Illinois Department of Transportation is studying the reconstruction of Knoxville Avenue from Pennsylvania to just north of War Memorial Drive.

The gas tax increase in the new state budget went up 18 cents per gallon. But, there is so much deferred maintenance on Tri County roads Peoria County Engineer Amy McLaren says the tax would have to go up dollars per gallon to catch up.

Illinois voters have approved a constitutional amendment aimed at making sure transportation-related funds aren't used for other purposes.  The measure was the only lawmaker-generated ballot measure this year and had bipartisan support. 

Interstate-74 Project in Morton Complete

Oct 27, 2016
Tanya Koonce

IDOT says the lengthy Interstate 74 project in Morton is complete.

Interstate 74 is now three lanes in each direction from Pleasant Hill Road to Morton avenue. The 1-55 interchange is also reconfigured to improve access to Morton Ave and that community. Morton Mayor Ron Rainson says thank you doesn’t seem like enough:

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The first question on Illinois ballots in November's election isn't for president or senator, but on a proposed constitutional amendment prohibiting diversion of public money targeted for transportation projects to other state budget needs.

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EDINBURG, Ill. (AP) - Some $2 billion in road construction projects will be shut down July 1 in Illinois without a state budget agreement. 

An Associated Press analysis of Illinois Department of Transportation data shows that collectively work on the 19 largest projects is less than halfway done in terms of money spent.

Those projects are worth more than $1 billion by themselves, and range from reconstruction of the Jane Byrne interchange in Chicago to the resurfacing of a lonely southern Illinois stretch of Interstate 57.  


IDOT says: No budget - No construction

Jun 21, 2016

The Illinois Department of Transportation says it will begin shutting down all of its projects, starting June 30.  

The move is due to lawmakers' "failure to pass a balanced budget," IDOT said in a news release.

The department lauds a stopgap budget proposal, put forth by Republican leaders, including Gov. Bruce Rauner, a "fiscally responsible solution."  

IDOT says if the proposal is passed soon, there will be no interruption to construction projects.  

Gov. Rauner visited IDOT headquarters Wed. 

Illinois has borrowed $550 million for construction at what Gov. Bruce Rauner's administration says is a record-low interest rate despite the state's beleaguered financial position.  Rauner's office announced it  sold $550 million in bonds at an interest rate of 3.7%.  That's below the 4% interest offered when it sold for $480 million in January. 

The consequences of Illinois lawmakers' epic failure to approve a state budget continue to pile up, while neither side in the yearlong political battle appears willing to budge.  Business leaders warned that lack of action on a budget will jeopardize nearly $2 billion in road and bridge construction - and many jobs - this summer. 

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Gov. Bruce Rauner's administration says it will spend the next six years trying to maintain and improve a deteriorating transit system.  The $11.2 billion, six-year program released by the Illinois Department of Transportation is actually rosier than expected. 

Prepare for road construction at the Peoria Airport

Jul 1, 2015

Peoria International Airport is encouraging people to plan ahead for road construction. Everett McKinley Dirksen Parkway from Middle Road into the airport and partially around the ring of the airport’s main parking area is under construction. People are asked to use caution. Director of Airports Gene Olson says the familiar route to your parking spot will look different. Those visiting the airport will want to look for changed traffic patterns near and in the parking lots. The project is expected to be complete in the Spring.

  SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - Gov.

Road Construction Updates

Mar 26, 2015


Through August 27th

Parking restrictions are in place throughout Peoria beginning Tuesday, August 18th through August 27th.  No Parking signs will be placed on various City streets for the city’s seal coating project.  Neighborhoods will be notified in advance.  Access to the driveways are typically blocked for only 10-20 minutes.  Emergency vehicles will have access at all times.


Through November

Lane closures remain in place along north and southbound I-155 between mile markers 11 and 15. (Between the Logan County line and the Delavan exit). The lane closures are necessary for milling and resurfacing work to be completed.


Aug 17th through mid-October

Allen Road will be closed to all traffic at the intersection of Alta Lane, just half a mile north of IL 6. Signs are posted to take a detour via IL 6, US 150, IL 91, and Alta Lane. You can expect the closure to continue through mid-October. Crews will be reconstructing Allen Road and the intersection.

Through September

West Legion Hall Road in Dunlap is closed from IL 91 to just west of Breckenridge Drive. The closure is necessary for construction of new pavement, curb and gutter It’s expected to continue through September.  Business access will be maintained from IL 91 during this time.


Through November

Nebraska Avenue between Ellis and Hampton Court in Peoria will be closed for bridge reconstruction.


All days through 9/30

US 150 is closed between Thousand Dollar Road and Fox Creek Drive in Peoria County until Wednesday, September 30. The detour route will be I-74. Crews are working on replacing a drainage structure.


Road construction is coming to a holiday halt.  The hold takes effect Wednesday afternoon, and goes through midnight Sunday.

Water street in Peoria will be closed at the intersection of State Street for road work starting Monday August 25th through October.  

Illinois' senior U.S. Senator, Dick Durbin, says Congress needs to act before the federal highway fund is depleted. He says Tuesday in Washington he will help introduce ways to pay for it.

Road construction with detour confusion

Jun 17, 2013

    Those traveling Northmoor Road in Peoria will find a barricade interruption between University and Sheridan. That’s sent many drivers into the neighborhoods aiming to get from one side to the other.