Recreational Cannabis

The East Peoria City Council rolled out the welcome mat for recreational cannabis Tuesday.

The Peoria City Council last night took a partial step toward the legal sale of recreational cannabis.

With no discussion, the East Peoria City Council approved a 3 percent sales tax on recreational cannabis sales Tuesday evening.

The East Peoria City Council is set to vote Tuesday on implementing a three percent sales tax on recreational cannabis sales.

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Salveo Health and Wellness in Canton has received approval from state regulators to begin selling recreational cannabis on Jan. 1 at its current site.

A recreational cannabis dispensary is heading to Galesburg. 

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There is considerable pressure on Peoria city council members to decide where the city will stand on recreational cannabis sales and cultivation sooner rather than later.

Like other local governments throughout the state, Peoria is deliberating whether to allow the sale and cultivation of recreational marijuana within the city's borders. Possession of up to 30 grams and usage in most private spaces becomes legal in Illinois on January 1.

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The Peoria City Council will hold a special meeting on Saturday to determine the city's directon on recreational cannabis businesses. 

The new state law legalizing recreational cannabis usage goes into effect on Jan. 1. But the law also allows municipalities wide leeway on whether or not to allow the cultivation and sale of recreational cannabis within their communities. 

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There is no dearth of opinions for East Peoria city commissioners to weigh as they decide whether to allow the sale of recreational cannabis next year.

The city council held a public forum on the issue on Tuesday evening. Residents fell on both sides of the issue. Some called for East Peoria to follow Morton and El Paso in banning recreational cannabis sales within its borders, while others said it presents an opportunity to create new jobs and tax revenue.

Woodford County is drafting an ordinance to ban recreational cannabis cultivation and sales. 

Morton, IL Village Government via YouTube

Morton’s Village Board voted unanimously last night to ban cannabis businesses from starting up within village limits. 

The recreational cannabis law recently signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker gives local municipalities a wide amount of leeway on regulation of cannabis businesses. The Morton ordinance bans cannabis cultivation centers, dispensaries, processors, transportation companies or craft growing within the village. 

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The village of Morton is one of the first communities in the state to opt out of allowing cannabis businesses within village limits.

Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth (D-Peoria) is hailing today’s  passage of a recreational cannabis bill into law.

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The bill to legalize recreational cannabis currently sitting on Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s desk makes a compromise on who gets to grow - and when.