Recreational cannabis

East Peoria entrepreneur Roy Sorce is proposing a recreational cannabis start-up in the city's downtown.

Plans to start up a craft cannabis growing operation on Peoria's south side are now shelved. 

Galesburg may see its first legal recreational marijuana sales next month, but only if there's enough cannabis to go around.

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The Pekin City Council cleared the way for PAL Health Technologies to kickstart a recreational cannabis dispensary and craft growing operation on the city's industrial southern edge.

The former Stanley Steemer building
Peoria County Property Tax Records

The Peoria Planning and Zoning Commission gave its OK Thursday to a craft cannabis grower to start up business in South Peoria. But that vote on the Grow Trust's application didn't come without some scrutiny.

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It's been a rough few years for Delavan.

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The East Peoria City Council took the first step to approve Roy Sorce's application to start up a craft cannabis growing operation off Route 116. 

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A local food distribution company wants to start up a new side business to stay open: craft cannabis growing.

Illinois' first day of legal recreational marijuana generated over $3 million in sales.

Rumors that Illinois gun owners will lose their firearms if they use cannabis under the state's new legalization mandate are false.

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More than 200 people lined up outside Trinity Compassionate Care Center in Peoria to buy legal recreational marijuana on New Year's Day.

Three Central Illinois cannabis dispensaries plan to open New Year's Day as the state's new recreational marijuana law goes into effect. But you might not be able to smoke what you buy.

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East Peoria's NuMed cannabis dispensary will sell adult-use products on New Year's Day.

The dispensary was quietly awarded permission to sell recreational cannabis last Friday by state regulators. An employee of the store confirmed they expect to have product on January 1st...but didn't know what time they'll open their doors.

The city of East Peoria approved recreational cannabis zoning regulations earlier this year. 

Cresco Labs

Cresco Labs is announcing the first cannabis harvest from its expanded marijuana cultivation center in Logan County.

Cresco expanded its Lincoln facility to 224,000 square feet after adult-use recreational cannabis was legalized. The company estimates it controls about 25 percent of the state's total cannabis market.

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There are just weeks left until adult-use recreational cannabis becomes legal in Illinois. While many consumers have been looking forward to that day since lawmakers passed the legislation in May, cultivators have been scrambling to prepare for the demand.

WCBU’s Dana Vollmer visited one central Illinois producer to see how preparation efforts are going.

Peoria Council OK's Recreational Pot Sales at 2 Locations

Dec 11, 2019

The sale of recreational marijuana in the City of Peoria moved a step closer to reality last night. 

The only Central Illinois dispensary so far approved to sell recreational marijuana on January 1 said they'll have plenty of product on Day 1...but you might not be able to smoke it. 

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The Peoria Planning and Zoning Commission is recommending approval of recreational cannabis sales at two locations.

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The Pekin City Council approved zoning provisions for recreational cannabis businesses at its meeting Monday.

Recreational marijuana businesses have been a hot-button topic for many municipalities around the state. But it appears everyone is on the same page in Woodford County. 

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The Illinois Department of Agriculture has approved Revolution Global's Delavan cultivation center to grow recreational cannabis.

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Revolution Global CEO Mark de Souza sees good signs for the future of cannabis in Illinois.

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Revolution Global is adding housing to its list of properties in Delavan. 

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Revolution Global announced Tuesday it will double the capacity of its Delavan cannabis cultivation facility using $28.75 million in capital expansion funds from a Nevada-based real estate startup. 

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As recreational marijuana becomes legal on January 1, employers are looking to adapt. 

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More than half of Peoria falls under a program meant to help communities most impacted by the War on Drugs have a fair shot at participating in Illinois’ legal cannabis market. 

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When recreational cannabis becomes legal next year, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to have their criminal records wiped clean without lifting a finger.