Peoria Riverfront

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The City of Peoria is in the process of developing a master plan from the Bob Michel Bridge to Murray Baker Bridge along the riverfront.

Peoria Public Radio/Kristin McHugh

Sandbagging begins Thursday on the Peoria riverfront as the Illinois River pushes past flood stage.

Expanded Fine Art Fair Returns to Peoria Riverfront

Sep 28, 2018

This week, we're talking with Shannon Cox and Kim Sanders from the Peoria Art Guild's Fine Art Fair. This year, the Fair is starting early, beginning Fridat night at 6pm. As in past years, 130 artists will have works on display and for sale, and full schedules of entertainment and activites for children are planned. Cox and Sanders also talk about some of the demonstrations and hands-on activities that are available.

Erin Feis Returns to Peoria Riverfront This Weekend

Aug 24, 2018

This week, we're talking about Erin Feis, the annual Peoria Irish festival, with Kate Kenny.

The festival offers an impressive lineup of music, with bands performing on three different stages throughout the weekend. Also on offer: The Highland Games, featuring traditional athletic contests like the Caber Toss and the Braemar Stone.

Kenny tells us about the planning that goes into scheduling the entertainment for the festival -- it usually starts a year ahead of time. She also reflects on how Erin Feis has grown over the years.

The Bloomington and Peoria Invest Health teams hosted a day long peer exchange event. The event at the Gateway Building on the Peoria Riverfront included more than 100 people from the region. They shared ideas and strategies to improve overall community health. 

Kristin McHugh

Navigating portions of Peoria could be much easier in the near future. City officials unveiled a Downtown Wayfinding Plan at an open house Tuesday night. It includes a series of directional signs to navigate from the interstate to various destinations in the downtown, city center, riverfront and warehouse districts.

Our guests this week are Michelle Nielsen Ott from Sculpture Walk Peoria, and Sharon Gramm with the Peoria Riverfront Market. The two groups are working together this year: Peoria Riverfront Market begins tomorrow morning; and Sculpture Walk's opening day celebration begins later in the day, just across the street. The idea is to give residents and visitors a double incentive to visit downtown Peoria.

Downtown Peoria Could See a New Special Service Area

Jul 14, 2017

Peoria’s Downtown Development Corporation is proposing the creation of a special service area. It would include the medical and warehouse districts plus downtown and the riverfront.

Planned services are street and sidewalk clean-up, landscape maintenance, decorations, directories and a website. Funding would come from three sources, two of which are taxes.

Steamboat Classic Unites Elite Runners, Peoria Community

Jun 15, 2017

The 46th annual Steamboat Festival kicked off Thursday on the Peoria Riverfront. 

This week, we're talking about the Peoria Riverfront Jazz and Art Festival, with Mary Jo Papich. The event features live performances throughout the day, representing a wide range of jazz styles; a jazz improv workshop; and exhibiting artists. Papich talks about the need she saw for the event, about some of the Peoria natives who are returning to perform, and about other upcoming jazz events with the Central Illinois Jazz Society.

The Peoria Riverfront Jazz and Art Festival runs Saturday from 2:00 to 10:00 p.m. at the CEFCU Stage on the Peoria Riverfront.

River Trail Proposal Open Again for Comments

Feb 8, 2017
Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

The National Park Service asked the City of Peoria to rework the way it submitted the Environmental Assessment for the proposed River Trail Development. The federal agency also suggested the city reopen the public comment period related to Riverfront Park land swap included in the proposed apartment complex development.

Peoria Art Guild

This week, we're joined by Cathi Hawkinson and Ardelle Wright, from the Peoria Art Guild's Fine Art Fair. This year's fair includes 150 participating artists, along with food vendors, live music and other activities. We talk about two of the spotlight artists, and how they were recruited; the economic impact the fair has on the community; and some of the logistical and behind-the-scenes work that goes into organizing the event each year.

The Fine Art Fair runs tomorrow and Sunday, from 10 to 5 each day, on the Peoria Riverfront.

This week, we're talking Jack Manis, about the Peoria Blues and Heritage Music Festival. The Festival is even bigger than in past years -- and features a new name, as well. Manis talks about some of the musicians and bands who will be featured this weekend, how the festival has grown, and the experience the organizers are hoping to provide for attendees.

The Peoria Blues and Heritage Music Festival runs Friday from 6:00 p.m. to midnight, and Saturday from noon to midnight, on the Peoria Riverfront.

Wanted: Green Space for Downtown Peoria

Jul 27, 2016
City of Peoria /

The City of Peoria has proposed a time frame for the design of what could become green space along its downtown riverfront. The city will seek input for uses of what is now Riverfront Village from citizens and visitors through the website Further input will come from two to three public hearings between mid-August and mid-October. At that time, the city will conduct a survey asking for the public’s preferences in order to prioritize the suggested ideas.

Peoria's Riverfront Village To Become a Park

Jul 12, 2016
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Peoria’s Downtown Development Corporation is planning to see Riverfront Village eventually become a linear park.

Riverfront Park Site Plan Hears More Criticism

Jan 7, 2016
Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

More than 25 people attended the meeting last night on the Riverfront Park concept site plan. Most of the 90 minute meeting heard questions and concerns from those who oppose the redevelopment. They question whether the land the city is proposing as a replacement for Riverfront Park meets the state’s eligibility requirements.  

We're talking with Cathi Hawkinson about the Peoria Art Guild's Fine Art Fair. The annual event returns to the Peoria Riverfront Saturday and Sunday, with 150 participating artists. We talk about the reach of the event, which now draws artists from 25 different states, and two from outside the U. S. We also talk about some of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into organizing the fair each year, and about the event's economic impact on the Peoria area.

The Fine Art Fair runs Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day.

Erin Feis returns to the Peoria Riverfront

Aug 28, 2015

John Martin is with us, to talk about about Erin Feis. The annual Irish festival is back, and runs Friday through Sunday along the Peoria Riverfront. He says that music is the highlight of the event, and talks about about the work that goes into finding all the featured performers, and scheduling them among multiple performance stages. He also talks about some of the festival's cultural programming.

Fogelberg Celebration Weekend returns to Peoria

Aug 14, 2015
Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria

This week, we're talking about the 6th Annual Dan Fogelberg Celebration Weekend, with Hugh Higgins. The event grew out of a beneift concert, organized to pay for a memorial to Fogelberg on the Peoria Riverfront. It's grown into an annual event that attracts "Dan Fans" from around the world. The highlight of the event is a tribute concert, taking place Friday night at the Gateway Building. Other activities continue through Sunday. We also talk about some of the charitable work supported by the proceeds from the celebration weekend.

Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

Peoria Public Works crews and members of the Mayor’s Youth Program worked Wednesday night into Thursday morning to get a 1,500 foot sand wall in place along the lowest portion of the Illinois River front in downtown. The wall concept is relatively new and it’s the first time it’s being used in Peoria.

The Peoria Riverfront gets a temporary flood wall

Jun 17, 2015
Alex Rusciano / Peoria Public Radio

The City of Peoria Public Works Department is preparing a 2000 foot temporary flood wall along the river’s edge. The Rapid Installation Barrier System is a four foot wall that will cover roughly from the Riverfront Market area down to the Gateway Building.

CIJS brings jazz to the Peoria Riverfront

Jun 12, 2015
Central Illinois Jazz Society

This week, we're talking with Dick Marsho from the Central Illinois Jazz Society. They're co-sponsoring the River City Jazz Festival on the Peoria Riverfront, tomorrow from noon to 10:00 p.m. Marsho talks about some of the artists and bands featured in the event, which offers a range of jazz styles. He also talks about the Society's monthly events at the Landmark Recreation Center, which spotlight local jazz musicians; and about a series of Thursday-night jazz concerts, which run in July and August on the CEFCU Stage.

Nina and Pinta visit Peoria Riverfront

Sep 11, 2014
Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

The Nina and Pinta replica ships arrived at the Peoria Riverfront Thursday. 

"Nina" and "Pinta" port in Peoria

Sep 1, 2014

History buffs have a chance to get up close and personal with some living history. Replicas of Christopher Columbus’s ships the “Nina” and the “Pinta” will be sailing into port on the Peoria Riverfront September 12th through the 22nd.  

Party for a Purpose Sunday August 31st

Aug 21, 2014

OSF Saint Francis Medical Center is hosting the 4th annual Party for a Purpose on Sunday, August 31st.  

Peoria Police ready for July 4th celebration

Jul 2, 2014

Peoria police say they are ready to handle the tens of thousands of people expected at this year’s Red White and Boom event. Organizers of the 4th of July celebration estimate up to 200-thousand people will view Friday’s fireworks display, with many doing it from the Peoria and East Peoria riverfronts.

The City of Peoria is making a bid to have the LST 325 dock on its Riverfront. Peoria Public Radio’s Tanya Koonce reports:

The Council voted seven to four to extend an invitation to the LST Board, committing 500-thousand dollars to the project and pledging to assemble the remaining financing if the ship makes the move. That could amount to more than a million dollars.

Public comment sought on bringing LST 325 to Peoria

Jun 9, 2014

The city of Peoria is seeking public comment before making a formal bid to relocate the historic LST 325 Ship to the riverfront.

Memorial Day Ceremony on the Peoria Riverfront

May 26, 2014
Tamie Yost

Veterans and military families gathered at the Gateway Building on Peoria’s riverfront Monday for the annual Memorial Day Ceremony. Each branch of the military was recognized during a medley played by The Peoria Municipal Band. A traditional part of the ceremony is having veterans of each branch stand during their song. Gold star mothers, and families are also recognized.

Out and About - September 13, 2013

Sep 13, 2013

This week, we're talking with the Peoria Art Guild's Beth Reusch. The 51st Annual Fine Art Fair runs September 28th and 29th on the Peoria Riverfront. The fair features the work of 150 artists, selected from a pool of 600 applicants. Reusch talks about one of the artists appearing for the first time this year--he's coming all the way from Israel--about some of the interactive art experiences the fair offers, and about all of work that goes into organizing the event each year.