Peoria Firefighters Local 50

City of Peoria / YouTube

One last change to Peoria’s budget for 2020 has been finalized, settling a lingering labor dispute and reversing a planned cut. But 2021 budget discussions to address COVID-19 shortfalls will wait another week.

Kristin McHugh / WCBU

While saving one of the two Peoria Fire Department engines targeted by budgetary cuts remains a possibility, the other station is about to close.

Kristin McHugh / WCBU

The president of the Peoria Firefighter's Union said the multiple rounds of cuts to the fire department in recent years are putting the city at risk.

Jeff Smudde / WGLT

Unionized Peoria city employees were notified Wednesday of potential layoffs as the city seeks to plug a $31 million hole in this year's budget created by COVID-19's economic fallout.