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With fewer firefighters on the job following the city's recent budget cuts, the Peoria Fire Department wants to reduce the number of fires they have to battle.

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While saving one of the two Peoria Fire Department engines targeted by budgetary cuts remains a possibility, the other station is about to close.

An attempt to reverse the planned budget-related cuts of two Peoria Fire Department engines fell short Tuesday night, after the City Council unanimously agreed to issue $4 million in working cash bonds to keep the Peoria Civic Center afloat.

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The president of the Peoria Firefighter's Union said the multiple rounds of cuts to the fire department in recent years are putting the city at risk.

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One week after voting down a plan to borrow $10 million and decommission two fire engines to balance Peoria’s budget, a divided City Council has approved the proposal.

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After more than two hours of discussion, the Peoria City Council narrowly voted down borrowing $10 million and decommissioning two fire engines to balance a city budget decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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An overnight crash caused a Peoria Fire engine to roll over–and resulted in a DUI for the driver of the second vehicle.


Residents and public officials are assessing the damage as they recover from a series of storms that produced near-record rainfall, flooding and some tornadoes across the Tri-County area Wednesday afternoon.

No one was injured after flash flooding caused a Peoria daycare's ceiling to collapse Wednesday afternoon.

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The Peoria Fire Department is investigating a major fire Thursday evening at the OSF Cardiovascular Institute.

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Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis said the civil unrest in the wake of George Floyd's murder could make the city council reconsider its budget considerations in terms of police and fire cuts.

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The Peoria Fire Department has stayed busy this week, putting out fires set to businesses, homes, cars and dumpsters. At least 15 arson fires have been reported during the overnight hours this week.

Several members of the Peoria city council want to hold off on drastic cuts in hopes of a new federal stimulus package coming. And Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis says the city is "toast" without it.

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Unionized Peoria city employees were notified Wednesday of potential layoffs as the city seeks to plug a $31 million hole in this year's budget created by COVID-19's economic fallout.

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The Peoria Fire Department will start charging a fee when care facilities call for lift assistance. The department has determined that the approximate cost of each lift assist incident is $1,250.

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The city of Peoria is preparing for what happens if it doesn't receive state revenues for its firefighters' pension fund on time due to the COVID-19 money flow crunch.

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The Peoria Fire Department may eliminate low-priority medical calls from its response roster.

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The new year marks new leadership at the helm at the Peoria Fire Department.

A badge pinning ceremony Tuesday made official Tony Ardis' promotion to fire chief. Also honored were Assistant Fire Chief Jim Bachman, Division Chief Shawn Sollberger, Battalion Chief Stephen Rada and Captain Bobby Anderson.

Ardis, who assumed the position after Ed Olehy, retired in December said more public education and outreach are among his top priorities.

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Peoria Fire Chief Ed Olehy is retiring. 


The business community is offering its own suggestions for the city of Peoria’s 2020 budget. 

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The Peoria Fire Department is asking residents to keep an eye out for suspicious activity after several arson incidents this month.

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The Peoria Fire Department is moving forward on plans to construct a new fire station on the city's South Side.

New Fire Station Coming to Peoria's South Side

Sep 11, 2019
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The City of Peoria should have a new fire station on the city’s South Side a year from now. 

The president of the Peoria firefighters’ union says he hopes the recent Illinois Labor Relations Board ruling in their favor coaxes the city to head to the bargaining table. 

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With no discussion, the Peoria City Council recently approved spending more than $47,000 to buy the city's firefighters and police officers some heavy-duty protective gear.

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Peoria firefighters rescued a man stuck in a storm drain in north Peoria on Thursday afternoon. 

Firefighters were called to 830 W. Trailcreek Drive just after 2 p.m. to find a man unable to get out of a storm drain. 

Crews used crowbars and rope to remove the drain cover, pulled the man out and administered medical care. The man was then taken to a local hospital by ambulance. 

It's unclear how the man became stuck in the storm drain. His current condition isn't known. 

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The Peoria Fire Department may receive body armor in the wake of recent mass shootings. 

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The Peoria Fire Department is investigating a blaze that heavily damaged multiple businesses Wednesday morning. 

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The Peoria Police and Fire Departments are not meeting their own goals for hiring more minorities. 

While approximately 30 percent of the city's residents are African-American, only 12 percent of fire department personnel are black. Of 175 personnel, there are 30 minorities and women. 

Peoria Fire Department Division Chief Tony Ardis said the issue is also evident when future promotions are considered. There are 11 African-American fire captains, but Ardis told city council members last night that retirements may come before promotions for many of the captains. 

Unattended food on a stove is likely to blame for a large fire at Koinonia House on Sunday evening.