Peoria Disposal Company

Picking Up Garbage in a Pandemic

Apr 16, 2020
Flickr Creative Commons/David Hilowitz

Despite the pandemic, it's business as usual for the workers that pick up Peoria's--and Washington's--trash.

Dano / Flickr / CC-by 2.0

All residents of the city of Peoria will have every other week pickup of recycled materials beginning in August.

Peoria Council to Consider Waste Collection Options

Mar 21, 2018
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The City of Peoria’s contract for garbage collection expires next year. There are proposals from three companies and one from the city itself for a new contract. Rather than considering a single proposal, city staff is recommending a hybrid approach. Staff is suggesting the current refuse collector, PDC Services, would continue to pick up garbage. But instead of PDC gathering yard waste and recyclables as it now does, the city would assume collection of those items.

PDC Announces Christmas Tree Disposal

Dec 28, 2017
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The City of Peoria is reminding residents that Christmas tree disposal is part of the city’s normal collection day service.

City Seeking Feedback on Waste Collection Services

Feb 28, 2017
Wayne Wilkinson / Wikimedia Commons

The City of Peoria is asking residents to talk trash. The city’s waste hauling contract with Peoria Disposal Company expires in 2019.

Ice Delays Trash and Recycling Collection

Jan 12, 2017
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The icy road conditions have trash and recycling collection a day late in Peoria. The Peoria Public Works Department says pick-up that usually would have happened Thursday will instead be Friday and Friday’s normal pick up will happen Saturday due the icy roads. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Peoria Disposal Company via phone or website.

City Tables Decision to Renew Waste Hauling Contract

Jun 29, 2016
Dumbo711 / Flickr/Creative Commons

The City of Peoria is considering whether to extend its contract with the Peoria Disposal Company.


The City’s contract with PDC expires at the end of the year, but it specifies the municipality needs to decide by Friday whether to extend the agreement for another three years.

The Peoria City Council Monday unanimously approved extending that window for another 60 days.

Used tire collection site for Peoria residents

Mar 28, 2015

Peoria Disposal company and the City of Peoria are teaming up to rid city neighborhoods of unwanted tires.

Governor Pat Quinn is ordering the state Environmental Protection Agency to block the disposal of toxic PCB waste at the Clinton Landfill in DeWitt County