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OSF HealthCare is asking the state of Illinois to approve construction of a $237 million regional Comprehensive Cancer Center on its Peoria campus. 

OSF HealthCare said it is terminating its contract with Meridian later this month due to "millions of dollars of outstanding claims" unpaid over the past five years.

OSF HealthCare

A new OSF HealthCare tool is screening patients for social factors that could impact their health.

OSF HealthCare hospitals, doctor's offices, and home care services will soon no longer accept Medicaid and Medicare patients enrolled in a Meridian-managed plan.

OSF’s venture capital arm is investing in a new healthcare data company. 

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The Peoria Innovation Hub formally kicked off Monday in downtown Peoria. 

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The Peoria Innovation Hub is gaining forward momentum.

Governor J.B. Pritzker will be in Peoria Monday to kick off the next steps for the hub. It’s an affiliate of the University of Illinois’ Discovery Partners Institute in Chicago and the Illinois Innovation Network

Michelle Conger is the Chief Strategy Officer for OSF HealthCare, one of the partners in the project. 

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As recreational marijuana becomes legal on January 1, employers are looking to adapt. 

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Work to transform the historic Block and Kuhl building into OSF HealthCare’s new headquarters is coming along on schedule.

Caterpillar's employee insurance plan and OSF HealthCare have reached a new agreement to continue coverage, just days before the old contract was set to expire. 

OSF and Caterpillar have only a few days left to come to an agreement on continued hospital and home care coverage for Big Yellow’s employees. 

OSF HealthCare employees will have available parking when its new mission headquarters opens in downtown. 

OSF HealthCare

We think of hospitals as places one goes to receive medical treatment. OSF HealthCare is exploring ways to prevent people from ending up there in the first place.

Perry Memorial Hospital

OSF HealthCare and Perry Memorial Hospital in Princeton are eyeing "a variety of partnership options." 

OSF HealthCare

OSF HealthCare is in negotiations for a full merger with Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers in the Chicagoland area, the group announced Wednesday.

A medical research partnership between OSF HealthCare and the University of Illinois is getting a big boost. 

OSF HealthCare

Farming can be a lonely job. That isolation can take a toll on mental health.

OSF Behavioral Health Manager Luke Raymond said farmers face more stress due to pressure to maintain the family farm and economic factors like poor weather and uncertainty in the market. In rural areas, farmers have less access to resources to help them work through issues. 

“There are higher rates of depression, suicide and anxiety among that population," Raymond said.

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CORE Construction and OSF HealthCare System have a new joint venture called POINTCORE. It’s a relationship that offers the growing healthcare system consistent quality construction standards.

CORE Construction company is also officially adding a specialized construction area to its business portfolio. Quintin Smith is the President of the newly formed group. “We’re providing construction services, with healthcare, with innovation, with technology and providing a new delivery model on how these services can come to make this a better industry as a whole.”

OSF Gets Boost from New Tax Credit Bill

Jul 26, 2018
Cody Schindler

Historic Tax Credits will benefit OSF Healthcare’s renovation of the former Chase Bank Building. The tax credits are part of a new revitalization program signed into law by Governor Bruce Rauner in a downtown Peoria ceremony Thursday.

OSF and PPS Team Up for Post-Trauma Recovery

Mar 29, 2018

OSF HealthCare and Peoria Public Schools are partnering to create a Trauma Recovery Center at Trewyn School next year. The center is designed to offer victims of violent crimes and other extreme situations wrap-around services to help them survive and prosper post-trauma.

Peoria City Council Acts On A Variety of Issues

Jan 24, 2018

The Peoria City Council Tuesday took a first step toward historic designation for the old Chase Bank building.

The block where the building sits had been in an urban industrial zone. That would have benefitted Caterpillar if it had built its new world headquarters there. With OSF HealthCare buying the property for its new ministries headquarters, it needed historic tax credits to make renovation financially possible.

The flu season in Illinois is especially rough this year. And physicians think they know why.

The flu struck early and hard this year. Brian Curtis is the Director of Physician Practice at OSF Medical Group in Peoria, and he says the flu peaked right around Christmas, instead of the usual peak time in late January.

CURTIS: “It was kind of an inopportune time with the holidays and gatherings that people have which gave a prime opportunity to share it.”

Blue Cross-Blue Shield and OSF End Network Affiliation

Oct 10, 2017

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois is shaking up its network.

OSF HealthCare

OSF HealthCare is expanding its presence down state.

OSF Center For Health Opens Soon in Pekin

Apr 6, 2017
OSF HealthCare Media Relations

The new OSF Center for Health in Pekin is a step closer to seeing patients. OSF HealthCare did a blessing and ribbon cutting ceremony for the new East Court Village Shopping Center on Court Street in Pekin yesterday.

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OSF Healthcare is being recognized as the leading hospital in the state for eye donations for the fifth straight year.

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OSF Health Care celebrated the return of its pioneering “flying nun” on Tues.

Cass Herrington / Peoria Public Radio

A Peoria man who has delivered presents to hospitalized children for two decades visited pediatrics wards at area hospitals Thurs.

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Veterans living in the Peoria area may no longer have to travel as far as Indianapolis or Danville to get medical treatment at a VA facility.

OSF HealthCare announced Friday that it's now a participant in the VA Choice Provider Program.

That means veterans who live in communities served by OSF HealthCare may now be eligible to see locally available health care providers, without having to travel to a Veterans Health Administration facility.

City of East Peoria

The City of East Peoria will have a new program next month to help those with certain medical conditions after a hospital stay. 

The Mobile Integrated Healthcare Services Pilot program has OSF Healthcare partnering with the Fire Department to do home visits. Assistant Fire Chief Ryan Beck says they’ll start the program visiting those with Diabetes, COPD and Congestive Heart Failure.