The chairman of the NCAA board of governors says the association hopes to avoid a court battle against states that are attempting to pass laws aimed at dismantling the NCAA's rules.


Last week, when California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law allowing college athletes to get endorsement deals, he set off a wave of copycat legislation proposed in at least a dozen more states, including Illinois.

CHICAGO - Sister Jean is celebrating her 99th birthday months after gaining national attention as chaplain of the Loyola-Chicago basketball team that reached the NCAA Final Four.

A University of Illinois alumna says officials should form closer ties with the Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma and reinvent the university's former mascot. 

There’s another new effort to honor the memory of Chief Illiniwek during this week’s University of Illinois homecoming celebration -- a decade after the U of I retired the Chief. However, it's meeting opposition from Native American groups on the Urbana campus.

Federal prosecutors in New York have indicted four NCAA men’s basketball assistant coaches on charges of fraud and corruption. 

A federal judge in Chicago has given preliminary approval to a reworked head-injury settlement between former college athletes and the NCAA. 

An NCAA filing shows that the University of Illinois spent more than $650.000 for a Chicago law firm to investigate racial discrimination and abuse accusations in the women's basketball program.

The Changing Culture Of Competitive College Sports

May 22, 2015
Michael Conroy / AP Photo

The University of Illinois now faces allegations of abusive behavior and medical mistreatment against coaches and staff in two sports on the Urbana campus. 

It's too early to know exactly what happened in either case. But, the allegations have raised questions about the culture around major conference athletics.

One women's basketball coach left his job this week, though a statement from the U of I says an investigation showed no rules were violated and no laws were broken.

`Big Ten’ supports NCAA ruling

Aug 7, 2014

The Commissioner of the Big Ten Conference is applauding today’s NCAA ruling that provides autonomy for athletic programs.  

A professor of labor relations says the NCAA’s approval of a proposed settlement of a lawsuit over head injuries is good news in that it would obligate schools to have safety protocols for athletes. But Michael LeRoy thought the amount would be more.

Administrators of all 14 Big Ten schools have asked the NCAA to implement series of reforms to college athletics brought on by a labor dispute at Northwestern University.