J.K. Williams Distilling

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J.K. Williams whiskey may flow in Peoria again next year - under new ownership.

Cass Herrington / Peoria Public Radio

A local craft distiller is rolling out barrels of a new whiskey variety.

JK Williams Distilling in East Peoria announced Thursday their first batch of straight bourbon whiskey will hit shelves in mid-April. 

Bourbon can only be called “straight bourbon whiskey” if the liquor is aged in a new, charred white-oak barrel for at least two years.

The company JK Williams is just a few months older than that; it opened in October 2013.  

Distiller and owner Jesse Williams says the bourbon is just one of many new varieties to come.

Cass Herrington / Peoria Public Radio

 The East Peoria-based spirits-maker J.K. Williams Distilling is rolling out barrels of new whiskey varieties this month. One of those new releases has a historic flavor.

Owner and distiller Jesse Williams has an eye for history and reusing things of the past. Williams builds furniture out of scrap wood -- like bar stools out of used barrel staves:

“Taking old and making new or refurbishing is always been something I’ve learned to do," Williams said. "I’ve never been taught that everything is disposable. You don’t throw it away unless it’s been spent.”