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Illinois’ economic outlook is improving by one measure. According to two reports on the state's labor force, Illinois added nearly three thousand jobs in September, while unemployment across most regions has fallen or remains low.

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CHICAGO (AP) - Illinois officials say the April unemployment rate dipped 0.2 percentage points to 4.7 percent. 

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Slightly fewer people were seeking full-time employment last year in the Peoria Metro area as well as statewide. Generally that translates to a lower unemployment rate. But for last-year it only tells half the story.

The government temporarily sends cash assistance to people who've been laid off and are looking for a job. 

But starting next week ... they won't receive unemployment insurance unless they've provided the state with a resume. Director of the Illinois Department of Employment Security -- Jeff Mays -- says it will help to link employers with skilled workers.

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CHICAGO (AP) - The unemployment rate across Illinois again crept up in March, even as the state added jobs.

The Illinois Department of Employment Security said Thursday that the jobless rate hit 6.6 percent in April. That was up from 6.5 percent in March and came in spite of news that the state's job base grew by 5,400.

 Department Director Jeff Mays said in a news release that more than half of those new jobs were temporary positions or with employment agencies. Illinois' unemployment rate has increased for six straight months. 

The Illinois Department of Employment Security says unemployment rose in January in all but one of the state's metro areas.  The statewide unemployment rate went up to 6.3%.

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CHICAGO (AP) - Unemployment increased in all but three of Illinois' 14 metropolitan areas during December and six of the regions reported having fewer jobs available.

The Illinois Department of Employment Security said Thursday in its monthly metro-area report that the Danville and Decatur areas had the highest monthly rates at 7.4 percent, followed by the Rockford area at 7.2 percent and the Peoria and Kankakee areas at 7.0 percent.

The Peoria rate rose 0.8 percentage points over December 2014.


November unemployment sees slight jump

Dec 24, 2015

Most Metro areas the state saw an increase in joblessness last month amounting to a 5.8-percent unemployment rate statewide. That’s .20 of a percent increase in joblessness compared to last November.  

The Peoria-metro area saw a nearly 1-percent jump in unemployment from November 2014. That amounted to about 500 job losses. Unemployment for the Peoria area was 7.2-percent last month.

12 other metro areas also saw an increase in unemployment. Chicago-Naperville-Arlington Heights had the lowest unemployment at

Jobless numbers throughout Illinois continue to decline. The latest figures from the Illinois Department of Employment Security show the unemployment rate of five point nine percent is about half of what it was at its peak, in 2009.

That could be a sign of a recovery.

But Republican Governor Bruce Rauner says it's the opposite. He says the rate is down because there are fewer jobs, and fewer residents trying to get them.

"We are losing our people, we're losing our jobs. That's gotta change, we need to grow."

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The Illinois Department of Employment Security says the state's unemployment rate dropped to 5.9 percent in June. It was the first time the state jobless rate fell below 6 percent since 2008.  The department said Thursday in its monthly unemployment report that the state nonetheless lost 7,500 jobs for the month.

The state jobless rate fell from 6 percent in May. Nationally, unemployment was 5.3 percent in June.

  CHICAGO (AP) - Illinois' unemployment rate held steady again in May as the state added temporary and government jobs but lost manufacturing positions. The Illinois Department of Employment Security announced Thursday that the May unemployment rate was 6 percent. That's the same level as it was in April and just higher than the 5.5 percent May national rate. According to the department, professional and business services firms added a net 6,900 jobs in May. Many of those companies provide temporary workers.

  The Illinois Department of Employment Security says unemployment fell in every Illinois metro area in February. It was the 12th straight month of across-the-board improvement.The department says in its monthly report that while nine of the 14 tracked areas added jobs in February, the Peoria, Bloomington, Carbondale-Marion and Quad Cities areas all lost jobs.However, the Bloomington area still posted the lowest unemployment rate in the state last month at 5 percent.

Illinois' unemployment rate fell in December to 6.2 percent. That's the lowest it has been in almost seven years and represents the ninth monthly decrease in the past 10 months.

A University of Illinois index that tracks the state's economy indicates steady growth since early this year.

Illinois Leads Nation In Improvement in Unemployment

Oct 21, 2014

Illinois had one of the stronger showings in the nation in new jobs last month and it led the way nationally with a a 2.5% drop in unemployment from September of last year to September of this year.

Figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show Illinois added more than 19,000 jobs last month, marking the second largest increase in the nation. 

Illinois trailed only Texas in month over month employment.

The biggest gains came in  professional and business services. That includes more accounting jobs which have increased in the Chicago area.