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SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois General Assembly convenes today for the final three days of its fall legislative session.

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Illinois lawmakers are pushing to expand access to birth control by allowing pharmacists to fill orders without consulting a doctor. But state Representative Terri Bryant, a Murphysboro Republican, says this is an issue only a doctor should handle.


“I would like to express that this actually risks a patient’s safety. It’s an issue of a young person under the age of 18 being able to go in and get what should be a prescription medication.” Bryant says.

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Big changes to Illinois' gun laws don't happen often. But a growing movement across the country appears to be resonating in the state's General Assembly.

Hundreds rallied outside the statehouse calling for stricter gun control. Several in attendance had lost loved ones to gun violence. They wore pins showing the faces of the deceased.

Mary Kay Mace lost her daughter when a gunman opened fire in a Northern Illinois University classroom. The recent high school shooting in Florida happened on the 10th anniversary of her daughter's death.

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Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan continues to push back against accusations that his office mishandled sexual harassment complaints. The Speaker Tuesday issued a one-page press release with brief summaries of nine complaints involving staffers working in his state office.

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Illinois legislators didn't do much Tuesday on their first day of their annual veto session. That could change today. Illinois Public Radio's Amanda Vinicky reports.


Gov. Bruce Rauner used his veto pen on 36 bills.  So far, lawmakers haven't dealt with any of them. But Senator Andy Manar, a Macoupin County Democrat, wants to override Rauner's veto of an automatic voter registration measure.


"It by far would be the greatest step we can take to increase voter participation throughout this state."

Money flows For Illinois Statehouse Campaigns

Nov 7, 2016

With less than 24 hours until Election Day, gobs of money continues to flow to campaigns for the Illinois statehouse. Only a fraction of races for the Illinois state House and State Senate are really competitive. But those that are - are throwing a lot of money toward TV ads.

Illinois has long had a day to honor Gold Star Mothers. For the first time Monday the state recognized the rest of their families.

Unions members flooded streets in front of the Illinois Statehouse to protest Governor Bruce Rauner's agenda, and what they say are his anti-labor policies.

Union workers marched to the capitol for a rally, where they were briefly joined by a pair of prominent Democrats: House Speaker Michael Madigan and Senate President John Cullerton.