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Tazewell County Clerk John Ackerman says Illinois is at the forefront of election security following the 2016 elections. 

Concerns have been raised about election hacking in the wake of the 2016 elections. As the next presidential race approaches, Tazewell County Clerk John Ackerman said there’s no need to worry about somebody changing your actual vote.

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The Tazewell County Board voted Wednesday to cut down on the number of election precincts after a lengthy debate over whether they had the authority to do so under Illinois statute. 

The Illinois State Board of Elections will hold public hearings on the state's automatic voter registration system before it takes effect this summer. 

The number of voters casting early ballots for the Illinois primary has far exceeded the number who voted early four years ago.

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The Illinois State Board of Elections voted to allow Scott Drury, a Democratic candidate for Attorney General, to remain on the ballot.

Drury is a state representative and that's where confusion arose. 

Rock Island County Clerk, Karen Kinney, is waiting to find out what elected officials have learned about potential cyber-attacks on election systems in Illinois.

The Illinois State Board of Elections says it won't provide information about registered voters to President Donald Trump's voting commission.

An Illinois State Board of Elections spokesman says the board will decide next month whether to provide some information about voters to President Donald Trump's voting commission. 

The Illinois State Board of Elections is fining Auditor General Frank Mautino’s former campaign committee. A complaint alleges he failed to properly report some $380,000 dollars in spending.

The Illinois State Board of Elections has imposed a $5,000 fine on a defunct campaign fundraising account linked to Auditor General Frank Mautino.  The board voted to fine the committee for refusing to turn over records involving the longtime House Democrat appointed auditor in October 2015. 

An Illinois State Board of Elections hearing officer is expected to issue a recommendation next month regarding allegations that the state's auditor general violated campaign finance disclosure laws while serving as a Democratic state representative.

Illinois lawmakers may change the law to make sure absentee ballot applications are sent directly to county clerks and without delay.

In Springfield Thursday, Rock Island County State's Attorney John McGehee testified before the House Elections and Campaign Finance Committee.

A federal judge is sticking by his decision, determining today that a state law that would have made last-minute voting easier for residents of places including Chicago, Aurora, Bloomington and Rockford is unconstitutional.

A central-Illinois physician has lost another round in his fight to become an independent candidate for Congress.

A Bloomington man running for Congress has successfully sued to keep his name on the ballot.

David Gill is running as an independent, and failed to file the number of valid signatures required by Illinois law.

That number is much higher than it would be if he were running as a Democrat or Republican, and a federal judge on Thursday ruled that Gill must remain on the ballot.

City of Peoria

The Illinois State Board of Elections has terminated the political campaign committee of Fifth District Peoria City Councilman Casey Johnson. The termination comes for failing to file quarterly campaign disclosures.


The letter mailed to Johnson's Hamilton Road Address says he has not responded the Campaign Disclosure Division for a year.

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CHICAGO (AP) - The coalition seeking to change how Illinois draws political boundaries wants election officials to review political contributions to a group suing to keep redistricting off November's ballot. 

The Independent Map Amendment group sent a letter this week to the Illinois State Board of Elections questioning contributions to The People's Map, which filed a lawsuit alleging a redistricting ballot measure is unconstitutional. The case is pending before the Illinois Supreme Court. 

The Associated Press first reported at least six union contributions of $2,000 each to The People's Map, which didn't disclose the money in state campaign filings. 

Illinois Board of Elections officials say Auditor General Frank Mautino didn't file amended campaign disclosure reports and could face a public hearing.

Election board Executive Director Steve Sandvoss says Mautino didn't file the amended reports by Monday's deadline. The hearing would look into Mautino's use of campaign money while serving in the Illinois House.

Republicans pushing Auditor General Frank Mautino to step aside over probes into his campaign spending as a former lawmaker have filed a resolution aimed at removing him from office. 

The investigations cover the Spring Valley Democrat's time as a legislator, including over $200,000 spent at an alderman-owned service station. Mautino has acknowledged cooperation with the U.S. Attorney's office.

The State Board of Elections is also reviewing his campaign spending and set a July 25 deadline to provide more information.

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Illinois State Board of Elections officials say they're working with legislators to address logistical concerns raised in an automatic voter registration proposal.   The state's election authority opposed the bill over questions about cost and how the plan involving five state agencies would be implemented. 

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A coalition wanting to change the state's redistricting process has cleared a big first hurdle.  But it has another one ahead.  The state board of elections says the group Independent Maps did collect enough signatures to put the issue on the ballot.  Enough of them passed a sample test by the elections board.

A plan allowing automatic voter registration in Illinois is advancing through the Legislature despite concerns from the leading state election authority that would have to implement it. 

The Illinois Senate has approved a measure allowing automatic voter registration in Illinois.  Backers say they looked at similar laws in states like Oregon when crafting the Illinois proposal. It gives election officials data from five state agencies to automatically register eligible voters unless they opt out. 

Members of the Illinois State Board of Elections today took another step in their investigation of Auditor General Frank Mautino. They voted to ask for more information about his campaign spending, spending that Republicans have called excessive.  

A grassroots movement pushing a constitutional amendment for November's ballot turned in more than 570 thousand petition signatures to the Illinois State Board of Elections today.  

Voters across Illinois went to the polls yesterday ... in what election officials say might have been record turnout in some areas. Heavy turnout in a few​ instances led to polling places running out of ballots.

The Illinois State Board of Elections will hold a public hearing on State Senator Sam McCann's mileage reimbursements from his campaign account.

Board members voted today - a day before McCann's political future is decided in a tight primary contest.

The senator billed his campaign more than 38,000 dollars for mileage he says was racked up driving around his district on public business.

Elections board director Steven Sandvoss says he doesn't know when the hearing will be held.

The Illinois State Board of Elections decided Monday in favor of three presidential candidates, but the decision could be appealed in court. 

Board members dismissed an objection to the candidacy of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a Democrat.

Hundreds of candidates, or their supporters, stood in line outside the state board of elections office in Springfield Monday morning to turn in petitions. 

Anyone there before 8 AM could have their name listed first should they make it onto the primary ballot. 

Theresa Mah was one of them. She's running for state representative in the second district, in Chicago. Mah says when she knocked on voters' doors to get their signatures most people were supportive. 

Many expressed concern about Illinois' budget: