Illinois Senator Dick Durbin

The city of Peoria will receive nearly $200 thousand in federal funding to support community programs.



All four U.S. Senators from Illinois and Missouri voted in favor of re-authorizing a federal bank that helps U.S. companies compete globally.  Their vote came during a rare Sunday session and would attach the bank language to the Senate’s six-year Highway bill.  St. Louis Public Radio’s Jim Howard Reports.




Illinois Republican Senator Mark Kirk sponsored the amendment to re-authorize the Export-Import Bank, as part of the Highway bill.  The Bank’s charter expired in June.  Tea Party Republicans oppose the bank, calling it corporate welfare.  Democrats and mainstream Republicans say the bank helps U.S. companies.  The Senate Highway proposal authorizes spending for six-years, but only guarantees funding for three.  


Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt says while he would like to see guaranteed funding for the entire plan, the measure is better than another short-term fix. 

EPA behind in setting Renewable Fuel Standard

May 11, 2015

Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin says the Environmental Protection Agency is taking too long to set minimum levels for the production of Ethanol and Biodiesel. 

U.S. Senators Mark Kirk and Dick Durbin of Illinois are renewing their call for an update of the methods the government uses to determine disaster assistance.

U.S. House introduces plan to revise FEMA formula

Mar 26, 2015
Peoria Public Radio

Illinois' Congressional delegation is trying to get the Federal Emergency Management Agency to revise how it distributes aid after natural disasters. 

Illinois' senior U.S. Senator, Dick Durbin, says Congress needs to act before the federal highway fund is depleted. He says Tuesday in Washington he will help introduce ways to pay for it.

Durbin criticizes GOP candidates for governor

Feb 10, 2014

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin is criticizing the Republican field of candidates governor for their stances on low-income workers and the unemployed. IPR'S Hannah Meisel reports.

It's an ongoing battle the Democratic senator is fighting in Congress, mirrored in the race for the governor's mansion: raising the minimum wage. 

Durbin Supportive of NSA Changes

Jan 17, 2014
Sen. Dick Durbin / Flickr

Illinois' senior U.S. Senator says he supports President Barack Obama's changes for the National Security Agency. Illinois Public Radio's Amanda Vinicky reports.


President Obama's seen a split within his own party since Edward Snowden's revelations about how the U.S is gathering intelligence. But at least one Democrat -- Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin -- says Obama is taking the right steps in balancing privacy with keeping America safe.

Republicans are continuing a last-minute push to dismantle the law known as "Obamacare" before a key part of it takes effect next week. The law remains unpopular in polls. But as IPR'S Brian Mackey reports, Democrats are hoping that changes once people begin to live with it.

Next Tuesday is a milestone for the Affordable Care Act. It's when people are supposed to start signing up for health coverage on so-called insurance exchanges. It's also the start of the federal government's budget year, and some Republicans have promised to block all government spending unless Obamacare is defunded.

Associated Press

Federal officials remain committed to opening a vacant prison in northwest Illinois. But securing funding remains a key roadblock in getting the facility in Thomson up and running.

The Senate’s second highest-ranking Democrat says President Obama made the right call by turning to Congress about a possible military strike in Syria. IPR'S Sean Powers reports.

Senator Dick Durbin says he has NOT made up his mind about whether he would support a military strike against Bashar al- Assad’s regime.