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Paul Rosenbohm routinely mixes lawn waste, food scraps and pumpkin residue from area farms for the Better Earth compost he markets throughout central Illinois.

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The closing of the Murray Baker Bridge isn’t the only transportation issue facing central Illinois this summer.

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For many years there have been a number of fruitless efforts to remove the invasive Asian carp from the Illinois River. But a renewed sense of excitement exists with an new initiative set to open this summer along the riverbank in East Peoria.

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A new Asian carp operation in East Peoria would allow the "limited" processing and freezing of the invasive fish in an effort to reduce the species' numbers.

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Sportfish in the Illinois River are dying younger.


It’s not uncommon for many Illinois farmers to ship much, or even all, of their commodities along the Illinois River. So a plan to close the river in 2020 for lock and dam repairs could have a huge impact.

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Proposals to solve the Asian carp problem in the Illinois River include everything from electric barriers to sound waves. However, the solution may ultimately come from basic economic demand generated by creating a robust market for carp-based products.

PEORIA -- A group of young professionals want the Murray Baker Bridge to shine at night again.

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Rivers are rising across the Midwest after multiple days of heavy rainfall.

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ST. LOUIS - Flooding along the Illinois River could spell trouble for southern portions of the state in the coming weeks.

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Central Illinois rivers and streams are rising due to this week’s rapid snowmelt and rainfall.

Disease is Killing Illinois Deer

Nov 6, 2018

White-tailed deer in Illinois are experiencing a disease that’s killed more 430 animals this year as of Oct 29.

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Authorities say one man was killed and another person possibly missing after a car drove down a boat ramp into the Illinois River in Havana.

A central Illinois freight company and a road salt producer face state allegations of contaminating areas near the Illinois River with toxic chemicals.

Peoria officials have terminated a contentious proposal that would have built apartments on part of what is now a public park along the Illinois River.

A farmers market has opened in central Illinois despite the continued demolition of a riverfront platform.

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Some roads in the region nearest the Illinois River are closed or impassable.


In the Rome Area: about 6 blocks of Riverbeach Road is underwater. The 14100 block to the 14700 block is impassible as well as Front Street between Washington and Knox.


Chillicothe Township Supervisor Mike Ratcliff says parts of Portage, Lakeview, North and River Lane are also underwater. That includes:


Portage: between High and Proctor


Public Weighs In On Future of Peoria Lakes

Aug 30, 2017
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A coalition of government and environmental groups in the Tri-County region is sailing closer toward finalizing massive projects to improve the Peoria Lakes. The Peoria Lakes Basin Alliance compiled responses from an open house last month that asked residents: “what’s your favorite memory of the Peoria Lakes?”

The adult male skull Peoria County officials discovered in Kingston Mines a month ago is a match with the torso found in Schuyler County last year.

The torso was removed from the Illinois River November 13th. The skull washed ashore off the River in Kingston Mines and was found June 12th.

Illinois officials say Memorial Day visitors to Starved Rock State Park should monitor social media for reports on traffic delays and parking closures.  Department of Natural Resources officials say large crowds are expected at the recreation area near Utica in LaSalle County. 

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Flooding has delayed progress on a new bridge that will span the Illinois River at Meredosia in the western part of the state.  The bridge project was scheduled to be finished next year, but Halverson Construction Superintendent Scott Halverson says now that date is 2019.

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Federal officials are delaying a proposal for a new line of defense in the Chicago area to prevent Asian carp from reaching the Great Lakes.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was scheduled to release a draft plan today for installing new technologies or taking other steps to block the invasive fish's path at the Brandon Road Lock and Dam near Joliet, Illinois.  No new release date has been set.

A Canton man told a judge he went "redneck fishing" with a pipe bomb as a tribute to his late grandfather. He hauled in a 90-day jail sentence.  Twenty-six-year-old Marc McCulley's felony conviction also got him 30 months' probation after he was sentenced last week in Peoria County Circuit Court.

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A study by Illinois researchers provides evidence that the flow of pollutants into the Illinois River decades ago likely drove changes whose effects continue.  The Illinois Natural History Survey says it recently found that mussels in the river had larger shells and grew at faster rates during the 20th Century than during the previous 10 centuries.

In a small pond in Wisconsin,  a recent study took place that could have some big implications when it comes to the spread of Asian Carp.  
The invasive species threatens to take over waterways, like the Great Lakes. It's already become a major problem in the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers and elsewhere.

AP - A bald eagle that's taken up residence at the University of Illinois Wildlife Medical Clinic now has a lifelong reminder of the moment it was rescued from the Illinois River with an injured wing. The eagle now has a name: River.

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A federal study says small fish can be trapped in water currents created by commercial barges and pulled through electric barriers designed to prevent invasive Asian carp from reaching the Great Lakes.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says tests show that fish swimming near barges can remain caught between them for substantial distances. 

A new study from the University of Illinois says the level of nitrates from farm fertilizer and other sources that add to the Gulf of Mexico dead zone has dropped in recent years.  Fertilizer is the primary culprit behind the huge, low-oxygen dead zone that kills marine life.

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Starved Rock State Park in north-central Illinois had a record nearly 2.5 million visitors last year.  The 2015 attendance is up 8% over 2014's 2.3 million visitors, which was the previous highest-ever attendance. 

A hydrology expert says flood waters have crested or are near cresting on towns along the Illinois River southwest of Peoria.