Illinois Department of Natural Resources

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People all across Illinois will be able to try Asian carp dishes for free on Saturday, with two Peoria-area sites among the participating locations.


A Mason County tree nursery is taking a lead role in the effort to protect monarch butterflies and Rusty Patched bumblebees. 


Governor J.B. Pritzker has tapped a Peoria County woman to lead the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

SPRINGFIELD - State officials have released more than $14 million for improvements to state parks.

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SWANSEA - Illinois conservation police have seized a pet bobcat from a family in Swansea.

Eureka Lake Purposely Poisoned

Sep 25, 2018
City of Eureka, Illinois

EUREKA - State wildlife crews have poisoned Eureka Lake as part of a plan to kill off the carp that have overrun it and restock it with game fish.

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Groups are working to complete restoration of a century-old landmark known as the Black Hawk statue in northern Illinois. The 48-foot-tall, 270-ton statue in Lowden State Park has been covered in black protective sheets since a restoration effort that started five years ago came to a halt. A lack of state funding and a dispute on the restoration team stopped work.


The Illinois Department of Natural Resources says state fishing licenses for the year go on sale March 1.

Hundreds of law enforcement officers, family and friends have attended the funeral for a Rockford police officer who died in the line of duty after a traffic stop.

Illinois transportation officials are warning motorists to beware of more active deer as mating season begins.

The Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois has closed one of its roads to ensure the safety of snake species that cross it on their way to hibernate.

Forecasters say flooding in north-suburban Chicago could worsen over the weekend as water flows down rivers into the state from Wisconsin.

Illinois officials are asking the public to let trained and licensed experts handle fireworks as the Fourth of July holiday approaches.

State versus state battle lines are being drawn across the Mississippi River, with a top Missouri official urging Illinois regulators to back away from a plan that would allow higher levees, potentially worsening flooding on the Missouri side of the river.

The Illinois State Fire Marshal's office is reminding municipal government officials who want to light up the July 4 night sky to apply for a permit by Thursday.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has signed an executive order making the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum a separate state agency.  The order means that the Springfield museum will no longer fall under the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. The agency's remaining functions will be assigned to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

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More than 8,000 Illinois students will get to visit state parks, museums and other sites to learn about nature and conservation thanks to a privately funded grant program.

No permits for horizontal hydraulic fracturing have been issued since the Illinois Department of Natural Resources started taking applications in the fall of 2014. Even so, there were some in Grayville who believed that a well was fracked in October under the new law. 

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The firearm deer hunting season has arrived in Illinois. The first part of firearm season runs today through Sunday afternoon. Tom Micetich is deer project manager for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. He says hunters should expect the same level of success as previous years, even though it's been a warmer-than-usual fall. Micetich says whitetail deer-mating season has begun so the animals are on the move. He says the kill during this past weekend for bow hunters was "outstanding."  

New numbers from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources show that the number of people applying for the state's first legal bobcat hunt was 13 times more than the number of available permits.  Nearly 6,500 hunters applied for the 500 permits.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is asking hunters to be on the lookout for possible cases of a virus that can cause die-offs of white-tailed deer.  Wildlife officials are especially interested in reports of sick or recently dead animals from which staff might be able to collect samples to test. 

Officials say Starved Rock State Park closures and limited parking are possibilities because of Illinois River flooding.  The Illinois Department of Natural Resources says the river has reached the parking lot at the state park due to recent rains.

A legislative panel has approved charging an admission fee to the Illinois State Museum, putting the Springfield facility on track to reopen next month.  The bipartisan Joint Commission on Administrative Rules voted to let the Illinois Department of Natural Resources charge the $5-per-person fee. 

Efforts are underway in Illinois to find a way to increase the monarch butterfly habitat in the state.  The Illinois Department of Natural Resources says it's hosting an online survey this month and having a conservation meeting in Springfield in September.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources says Ramsey Lake State Recreation Area and Horseshoe Lake State Park are closing indefinitely.

Legislation Would Ban Sales of Bobcat Pelts

Apr 7, 2016
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Illinois senators Thursday passed legislation out of committee to ban trapping bobcats and selling their pelts. The state recently allowed for the hunting of bobcats. 

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources opposes the legislation. DNR's Mike Stevens says allowing hunters to sell the pelts is a better use of bobcats' fur than leaving it on the field or getting thrown away. 

 Stevens says no one will make a lot of money on selling pelts. He says even when the department proactively culls herds of deer, everything possible is put to use. 

Peabody Energy has three coal mines in far southern Illinois, all of which are still producing coal.

When those mines eventually shut down, the company is required by state and federal laws to pay for the clean-up and reclamation of the land. St. Louis-based Peabody has guaranteed the state of Illinois it has the estimated $92 million to cover that work.

But as the company considers bankruptcy, some question whether the St. Louis-based company’s promise is worth much.

A Midwest environmental group is questioning the ability of the country's largest coal producer to guarantee it has enough money for future cleanup of its Illinois mines.

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (AP) - A central Illinois dairy faces a lawsuit, which claims runoff from the operation's septic system killed hundreds of thousands of fish.

 Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office filed the lawsuit last month against Stone Ridge Dairy, which is located south of the village of Bellflower. 

The state is seeking more than $7,000 to cover the investigation and the destruction of fish and aquatic life in Lone Tree Creek.

 A phone message left by The Associated Press at the dairy seeking comment on the lawsuit was not immediately returned. 

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is proposing rules to regulate bobcat hunting and trapping throughout the state.

The agency released its proposals Monday to amend a wildlife hunting law that took effect Jan. 1.

 Proposed rules include prohibiting bobcat harvesting in the northeastern and east-central regions of Illinois and requiring hunters to purchase a $5 Bobcat Hunting and Trapping Permit. The department also proposes bobcat hunting season run from Nov. 10 through Jan. 31 and close during firearm deer hunting season.