Illinois Democratic Party

SPRINGFIELD -- Governor J.B. Pritzker and the Democrats who control the General Assembly passed a flurry of major legislation in the closing days of this year’s legislative session.

State Rep. Jehan-Gordon Booth (D-Peoria) said lawmakers were highly productive this year.


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CHICAGO - Former President Barack Obama rallied voters in Chicago to support governor candidate J.B. Pritzker and other Democrats.

The chief of staff to Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan has resigned over allegations of mishandling complaints of sexual harassment and making inappropriate comments. 

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U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos is withdrawing from a statewide panel studying sexual harassment and discrimination to allow it to be more independent. The Democrat from Moline said Wednesday election law and ethics rules prevent her from serving with the group if it becomes an independent legal entity.

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan formed the State Anti-Harassment, Equality and Access Panel in February. He appointed Bustos, state Comptroller Susana Mendoza and state Rep. Carol Ammons.

  Earlier this week, when Republicans rallied at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield, it was as though they were on that classic game show "Password," where no one was allowed say the name of their party's presidential nominee.

Thursday, however, Democrats took the opposite tack, saying the name again and again. Illinois Public Radio's Brian Mackey tells us about what you might call the Democratic Party's Donald Trump strategy.

U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez says unions have been a crucial​ part of establishing a successful middle class. He’s against plans like those promoted by Illinois Republican Governor Bruce Rauner.

Illinois Democratic Party Chairman Michael Madigan addressed his party for the first time all week today in Philadelphia. The crowd of Illinois Democrats gave Madigan a 15-second standing ovation.

The longtime state party chairman thanked the crowd for their cooperation this week.

Sanders Delegate Wants Party To Be More Welcoming

Jul 27, 2016
Lee Milner, WUIS

An Illinois delegate for Bernie Sanders says he wishes leaders of the Democratic party would be kinder to Sanders supporters.

Sanders delegate Michael Harrington says he’s loved talking to other delegates in Philadelphia who are regular folk, as he calls them. But when it comes to Illinois party leaders he says he and other Sanders supporters have been getting the cold shoulder.

An attempt to change Illinois’ redistricting process has been found unconstitutional.

The so-called Independent Maps proposal would have asked voters to change the state constitution — so instead of legislators drawing House and Senate districts, that work would be done by an special commission.

Illinois has strict limits on changing the constitution by referendum, and a Cook County judge ruled that the remap proposal did not meet the requirements.

Independent Maps spokesman Jim Bray says the group will appeal.

Jesse White is keeping the door open to running for office again.

The long-time Secretary of State said last year he wouldn’t run for re-election. But in a recent interview with Illinois Public Radio - the 81-year-old White said the Democratic Party may still draft him to run.

A party spokesman said he doesn’t know of a formal movement to draft White.

But he says Democrats would be well-served if White considered another campaign.

Illinois Democrats say their party is strong and more energized than ever, thanks to Republican Governor Bruce Rauner.  Democrats had their annual state fair gathering today in Springfield.

Dems, GOP head to the Illinois State Fair

Aug 14, 2014
Alex Keefe / Instagram

Illinois’ top Republicans are set to rally their party’s faithful at the Illinois State Fair today. As Illinois Public Radio’s Alex Keefe reports, the Democrats’ rally struck a populist tone in Springfield Wednesday. 

Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon - who’s running for comptroller - put on a bit of a runway show for Democrats.

SIMON: In the 4-H I learned how to sew, so here’s a dress I made this year. (applause fade out)


Governor's Day at the Illinois State Fair brought out Democratic leaders from across the state ... including those counties where Democrats seem few and far between. In these heavily Republican counties, momentum for Democratic candidates can be hard to come by. Compound that with lower Democratic voter turnout in non-presidential election years, and the fight to "keep Illinois blue" gets even more difficult. 

Il Democratic Party endorses Quinn for Gov.

Sep 23, 2013
Brian Mackey / Illinois Public Radio

Last week, Governor Pat Quinn saw his last serious Democratic opponent drop out, leaving him a straight shot to victory in next year's primary. So it was no surprise Sunday when the Democratic Party of Illinois officially endorsed Quinn for re-election. IPR'S Brian Mackey has more.

This year has seen a series of potential challengers to Quinn come and go, most recently former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, who promised a vigorous campaign and repeatedly lashed out at Quinn.