The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has agreed to investigate a confirmed case of West Nile virus in Illinois.

Event to highlight human trafficking problems

Oct 9, 2014

Illinois Central College’s Human Services Program is partnering with the Center for Prevention of Abuse to bring awareness of human trafficking in the United States.  The workshop, “Human trafficking: How to recognize it in your own back yard and what you can do” is running from 10 to 3 Friday. The event will be at the ICC Performing Arts Center on East Peoria’s Campus.  The keynote speaker was trafficked as a child and will share her story of hope and inspiration.  Cost for the program is $15. Registration is available by clicking here.  

Bradley University students are getting recognition for a campaign that highlights global human conflict.  The students partnered with the Central Illinois Red Cross as part of the International Humanitarian Law campaign. The campaign had students from across the country create projects to showcase how people are treated during times of conflict.  Bradley University’s campaign created simulations about child soldiers and being judged by a war tribunal to highlight the effects of conflict.  The campaign will compete nationally at the National IHL Youth leadership Summit next month.