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Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

  CHICAGO - Hillary Clinton has campaigned for Democratic Illinois governor candidate J.B. Pritzker during a stop in Chicago.

Clinton joined a roundtable discussion on leadership Monday with Pritzker, his running mate state Rep. Juliana Stratton and a group of high school women.


Pritzker is trying to unseat Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, who's considered one of the most vulnerable GOP incumbents seeking re-election this fall.

Illinois was not among the states where there was a concern about so-called "faithless electors."

They met in the state Capitol building ... mostly Democratic Party stalwarts — like Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, former Chicago mayoral candidate Jesús "Chuy" Garcia, and House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie.

In other words, the outcome was in no way a surprise.


While most of the focus this morning is obviously on the presidential race, there were some important political battles that played out in Illinois yesterday. Democrats swept their statewide campaigns. But Republicans had some gains in Springfield, winning a few seats in the state House and state Senate. Illinois Public Radio’s Tony Arnold has this round-up of Illinois’ top campaigns.



Illinois voters went “blue” statewide, but Republicans added to their ranks in the General Assembly.  Illinois’ 20 Electoral College votes went to Hillary Clinton.  Voters also chose to send Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth to the U.S. Senate, over incumbent Republican Mark Kirk.  And GOP Comptroller Leslie Munger was unseated, in favor of Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza.  

Fear a Common Thread Among Peoria Voters

Nov 8, 2016
Cass Herrington / Peoria Public Radio

One of the forces driving Peoria voters, with varying political views, is concern about the future of the country.

At Westminster Presbyterian Church, Roxanne Hoffman and her husband John voted together, like they do every year. But this time, Hoffman says, she cast her ballot for Trump, out of fear.

“I’m afraid for my children. My husband and I are old enough where we’re not going to be affected by it, but my heart cries for my children and my grandchildren,” Hoffman said. “We have five children, and sixteen grandchildren and a great grandchild.”

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has used personal email accounts and a personal email domain to communicate with government officials and political figures.  Emanuel's personal account information turned up among emails stolen from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman and posted by Wikileaks. 

Democratic U.S. Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois says he’s disappointed with the head of the FBI. The bureau will look at newly discovered emails involving Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. It’s trying to determine whether they have anything to do with Clinton’s use of a private server while she was Secretary of State.

It took just a few minutes for the Affordable Care Act to feature in Sunday’s presidential debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump as Trump quickly blamed the legislation for the rising cost of health care.

“When I watch what’s happening with some horrible things like Obamacare where your health insurance and health care is going up by numbers that are astronomical,” Trump said, adding that costs have gone up as much as 71 percent.

The Trump campaign has not said where he obtained his figures. But even though premiums are rising, the effect is concentrated on plans sold on the individual market not those that are provided through an employer. 

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If you watched last night's presidential debate on television... chances are you caught a glimpse of Illinois' senior U.S. Senator in the audience. But his title is not why cameras turned in Dick Durbin's direction.  Durbin says something was curious:

A new poll from the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at SIU Carbondale finds Hillary Clinton and Tammy Duckworth leading their respective races.

Illinois Democrats are working hard to promote awareness of the Republican presidential nominee.  Donald Trump polls far behind Hillary Clinton in Illinois.  Many local Republicans are keeping their distance, but Democrats want to push them back together.  

Amanda Vinicky / WUIS

Last night, a woman born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, accepted the Democratic nomination for President. In roughly 100 days, voters will decide whether Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump will be the next president, which means it’s the beginning of the end for President Barack Obama. Illinois Public Radio’s Amanda Vinicky reports, from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.


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The death of black men at the hands of police last week in Louisiana and Minnesota followed by a sniper attack on law enforcement in Dallas have the nation reeling. Illinois had its own incident that garnered national attention, and raised questions about racial relations in November, when Chicago Police released a video that shows a white officer fatally shooting black teen Laquan McDonald. 

Hillary Clinton Blasts Trump at Chicago Luncheon

Jun 27, 2016

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton wasted no time attacking her Republican rival Donald Trump during a speech in Chicago this afternoon at McCormick Place.   Clinton spoke before the Women’s Luncheon for the Rainbow Push Coalition.

President Barack Obama's nomination of a merely moderate judge for the Supreme Court is putting one of his potential successors in a political bind. 

marcn / Flickr/Creative Commons

Local Democrats got a front row seat Monday night to a televised MSNBC town hall meeting with Hillary Clinton.

It was taped at the Old State Capitol in Springfield - the same building Barack Obama stood in front of when he announced he was running for President. And as "Hardball" host Chris Matthews noted in 1858, it's where Abraham Lincoln gave his "House Divided" speech.

"How are we doing on that subject today?," Matthews asked Clinton.

Ted Cruz Campaigns in Illinois Monday

Mar 14, 2016
Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

US Senator and Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz rallied a full house in the Peoria Civic Center Theater Monday evening. He finished his speech and worked the crowd before he was back on the road.

Cruz says Donald Trump has spend too much time and money supporting Democrats including Rod Blagojevich and Rahm Emanuel to be taken as a serious republican presidential candidate.

Ted Cruz to Hold Rally in Peoria Monday

Mar 14, 2016
Gage Skidmore / Flickr/Creative Commons

Peoria is one of five stops for U.S. Senator and GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz this afternoon.

Cruz has also scheduled visits today to Springfield, Decatur, Glen Ellyn and Rockford, ahead of tomorrow’s primary election.

He's scheduled to speak at the Peoria Civic Center at 4pm, with doors opening at 3pm. The rally is free and open to the public.

Julie Jacobson / AP Photo

Peoria is the latest stop on former President Bill Clinton’s tour stumping for his wife,  presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff last night sent an alert to the media that Bill Clinton will visit today. The former president is scheduled to speak at the at the Operating Engineers Local 649 tonight.

The Clinton Campaign staff says Bill Clinton will lay out his wife's plans to raise wages and break down economic barriers. The event is free and open to the public.

The former president campaigned in Evanston earlier this week.

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In the northern Chicago suburb of Vernon Hills, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took a few swings at Republicans - those running for president and one here in Illinois.

Clinton never mentioned Republican front runner Donald Trump by name.

"I listened to some of the other candidates, they're so pessimistic, so negative about us, I'll tell you that's not how I see us and our country," Clinton said. 

Instead - the former Secretary of State referenced the slogan printed on those red Trump hats: “make America great again”

Associated Press

A week from Tues., Illinois voters will have their chance to help determine who is the next President of the United States. And those candidates are planning last minute campaign stops here.

Presidential hopefuls Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have each been in Illinois recently, to beseech voters for their support.

Trump is returning to Illinois Friday. During his last visit to the state, he stopped in Springfield. 

Illinois delegates chime in after Super Tuesday results

Mar 2, 2016
Associated Press

Illinois Republicans who oppose Donald Trump are stepping up their campaigning ahead of the March 15th primary.

Audrey Tancos is a delegate for Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  She’s from Chicago’s south suburbs.

Tancos thinks Illinois will still play a big role in determining the outcome of the race.

“You know, people are gettin’ too hyper about Donald winning so much, we still have a long way to go," Tancos said. "And I think we should wait and see what happens.”

Clinton visits Chicago to win support of black voters

Feb 17, 2016

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton is in Chicago today trying to win support among black voters.  Clinton stood in front of a group of mostly black Chicagoans with Geneva Reed- Veal, the mother of Sandra Bland who was found dead in a Texas jail cell last year after a traffic stop.

The Illinois State Board of Elections decided Monday in favor of three presidential candidates, but the decision could be appealed in court. 

Board members dismissed an objection to the candidacy of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a Democrat.

In a tight election, sometimes something as minor as where a name falls on the ballot can make a difference. As Illinois Public Radio's Amanda Vinicky reports ... the order for presidential candidates in Illinois has been determined ... as long as they all actually *remain* on the ballot.

marcn / Flickr/Creative Commons

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - Illinois superdelegates to the Democratic National Convention next summer appear to be lining up behind Hillary Rodham Clinton for president.


An Associated Press survey of the state's 26 superdelegates finds 13 are committed to the former secretary of state or plan to be. She faces primary opponents Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley. 

Gage Skidmore / Flickr/Creative Commons

Illinois' primary election is March 15 of next year. That's a full month and a half after the Iowa caucuses, which kickoff the race for America's next president. 

But some of the top candidates are spending time here. Hillary Clinton campaigned and raised money in Chicago last week.

Today, Republicans are flying in. Donald Trump will hold a rally in Springfield tonight; tickets are free, and even though you get them by going online, the manager of the downtown convention center hosting the event was quoted as saying phones have been ringing off the hook with interest.

While presidential candidates seemed as prevalent as funnel cakes at the Iowa State Fair, none stopped by Illinois' Fair.  

The voices behind campaign ads

Sep 3, 2014

Think of radio and TV campaign ads as the soundtrack of an election season….

Deep and ominous voices sound the attack; sugary and optimistic voices signal support.  As part of our series on the “dark arts” of the campaign business, we meet the people behind the voices trained to influence the democratic process.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the recipient of Illinois’ highest honor for professional achievement. IPR'S Alex Keefe has details.

Clinton was given the Order of Lincoln at a black-tie ceremony Saturday night for her years of public service. She’s been a First Lady, U.S. Senator, Democratic presidential candidate and most recently, Secretary of State.