The Par-A-Dice and Illinois' nine other casinos will shut off the gaming machines for 14 days in an effort to contain the coronavirus.

The head of Par-a-Dice Hotel and Casino's parent company says sports betting may be just what's needed to bring people back to a business that's steadily lost customers over the last several years as video gaming became more convenient statewide.

The Illinois Racing Board has advanced a proposal to allow video gambling on past horse races despite the board's attorney warning that the move would be illegal.

An Illinois bill would allow veterans organizations to install gambling machines in communities that would otherwise prohibit them.

As state lawmakers again consider expanding the number of casinos in the state, Springfield could wind up in the mix. 

Two companies that own video gambling parlors have sued the Illinois Gaming Board to challenge rules that require them split profits with the companies that operate the gambling machines.
The lawsuit argues that the nearly 6,000 parlors in the state could reinvest more in their businesses if they weren't required to divide their profits.
The lawsuit was filed in Cook County by the owners of the Dotty's Cafe, Stella's Place and Shelby's gambling-parlor chains.

A significant expansion of casino gambling is back in play in the Illinois General Assembly.  A proposal to authorize six new casinos got Senate approval this past week. It was one of the few victories in a week dedicated to getting a compromised budget plan through the Senate. 

City governments across Illinois are asking to have their state funding put on autopilot.  It’s the latest consequence of Illinois’ 20-month budget stalemate.  The money in question comes from taxes on gasoline, phone bills, and gambling. It's collected by the state and passed along to local governments.  That is, unless the powers that be never agree on a budget.

Data from industry experts and the state of Illinois show video gaming has generated about $785 million in state and local tax revenue since the machines were legalized four years ago.  The number of establishments in Illinois that allow the machines has grown as well - with 5,600 businesses having machines.

Boston-based DraftKings and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan have agreed to an expedited schedule and a bench trial in a lawsuit that could determine the fate of daily fantasy sports betting in the state.

An Illinois legislator has introduced plans to regulate daily fantasy sports websites and add consumer protections.

The owners of Illinois' horse race tracks say the industry is struggling to survive, but key players diverge on how to salvage the industry.  Decisions by a state board today could determine tracks' fate. 

The Illinois Gaming Board has rejected video license applications for operators who'd envisioned opening several businesses in a half-vacant strip mall outside Chicago.  

Chicago would get a city-owned casino and new casinos would be added throughout the state under legislation expected to be introduced in the Illinois Senate.

A standoff between Republican Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner and majority Democrats is threatening to derail action on a long list of issues as lawmakers enter the final week of their spring session.  

Illinois Gambling expansion approval likely

May 11, 2015

An Illinois state representative says gambling expansion is more likely to pass the legislature this month.  That’s after the state Supreme Court struck down a plan last week that deals with Illinois’ $100 billion dollar pension debt.  

Tourism industry officials say a Chicago casino could generate much-needed revenue along with sparking economic development in the city. 

Illinois horse tracks remain hopeful that state lawmakers grappling to plug a $6 billion budget gap will approve adding slot machines in a move the racing industry calls vital for its survival. But time is running out.Proposals to expand Illinois gambling have recently resurfaced as legislators prepare to adjourn at the end of the month.

A state lawmaker panel is hearing testimony from gambling experts from around the country as proposals to add casinos and slot machines in Illinois are pending. 

Rahm Emanuel talks possible Chicago casino

Apr 1, 2015

Talks of adding a Chicago casino are back on.  Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he’s talked with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner about adding a city-run casino.  

Illinois Lottery management company under review

Jan 26, 2015

The management of Illinois’ lottery is under legal review.  Illinois’ lottery is run by a private company named Northstar. And Northstar is part of a partnership made up of two large gambling companies that run lottos around the world.

Lawmaker has new state gambling expansion idea

Mar 13, 2014

The logjam on gambling expansion in Illinois has gone on for years.  Now, a state legislator leading the negotiations says he's got a new, two-pronged approach.  

Il lawmakers prevent cuts in horse-racing industry

Jan 30, 2014

Last-minute action by Illinois lawmakers will prevent cuts in the horse-racing industry. Tracks had been threatening to slash the number of race days unless Illinois reauthorized "advanced deposit wagering" -- basically a form of online betting. 

New talks on gambling expansion kick off Tuesday

Jan 27, 2014

An Illinois lawmaker is attempting to revive talks over a massive expansion of gambling in the state. The effort begins Tuesday at a casino in East St. Louis.

Quinn reviewing airport gaming measure

May 3, 2013

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says he’ll be reviewing a new gambling expansion bill that passed the state senate this week. In particular the part about adding slot machines to Chicago’s airports. IPR’s Tony Arnold reports. 

IL Senate approves gambling expansion

May 1, 2013

The Illinois Senate has once again approved an expansion of gambling. But it remains to be seen whether Governor Pat Quinn will go along with the plan. IPR's Brian Mackey has more. 

Quinn vetoes gambling bill

Mar 4, 2013

Legislation to expand gambling the General Assembly approved nearly two years ago is finally dead. As IPR's Amanda Vinicky reports, Governor Pat Quinn vetoed a measure that would have given Illinois five new casinos.

When Governor Quinn gives his annual budget address later this week, he's expected to highlight Illinois' plethora financial problems. Which is what frustrates supporters of gambling expansion, who say more casinos would be like hitting the jackpot.