Election 2021

Allen for Peoria / Facebook

Andre Allen is making another run for a seat on the Peoria City Council.

Peoria 4th District Councilman Jim Montelongo said he's not running for another term next year, but he is eyeing a potential mayoral run.

Montelongo was elected to his current seat in 2013. Before that, he served four years as an at-large councilman.

"Two, four-year terms in one position should be plenty for anyone in public office to get things done. Now is the time to move up or move out of the way. So, it is time to pass the baton on to someone new to keep all the great things moving forward," Montelongo said.

Peter Kobak has decided to take another shot at joining the Peoria City Council.

Tim Shelley / Peoria Public Radio

At-Large Peoria City Councilwoman Rita Ali is running for mayor.

Tim Shelley / Peoria Public Radio

Ten years after it closed, the crumbling old Harrison School still stands at 2702 W. Krause Ave. on Peoria's South Side. It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Shawn Allen for City Clerk via Facebook

A Peoria Police Officer says he's running to become the next city clerk.

Tim Shelley / Peoria Public Radio

Former Peoria TV reporter Denise Jackson is running for the 1st District City Council seat.

Couri Thomas for Peoria via Facebook

Couri Thomas is once again making a run for Peoria mayor.

Tim Shelley / Peoria Public Radio

Chuck Brown said he would be a unifying force to lead Peoria through troubled times if elected mayor next spring.