cover crops

Illinois is still two centuries away from hitting towards its goal of planting enough cover crops to make a significant dent in its nutrient pollution problem in waterways. 

Cover Crops Help Preserve Ecosystem

Nov 27, 2017
CAFNR / Flickr

Farmers in Central Illinois are experimenting with cover crops to stop soil erosion. Cover crops can also help stop an environmental threat hundreds of miles away. But, do cover crops cut into a farmer’s finances or solvency? Illinois Public Radio's Mark Schultz has our story.

Alternative Heat / Flickr/Creative Commons

PEORIA, Ill. (AP) - Cover crops are regaining popularity in central Illinois as a way to preserve nutrients in soil and purity in water runoff.

These secondary crops, such as oats, canola and cereal rye, were once planted after the main harvest to provide feed for livestock. But the cover crops are gaining fresh attention for their natural ability to improve soil structure and keep nutrients in place.