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Illinois was one of the first three states to ratify the suffrage amendment in 1919. The Peoria City Council Tuesday night passed a resolution recognizing the 100th anniversary of the event.

The Illinois House has endorsed the idea of switching to a graduated income tax. 

State Senator Scott Bennett says Democrats in his chamber supported a rules change last week to impose term limits on Senate legislative leaders as a show of good faith.

Illinois voters have approved a constitutional amendment aimed at making sure transportation-related funds aren't used for other purposes.  The measure was the only lawmaker-generated ballot measure this year and had bipartisan support. 

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The first question on Illinois ballots in November's election isn't for president or senator, but on a proposed constitutional amendment prohibiting diversion of public money targeted for transportation projects to other state budget needs.

A divided Illinois Supreme Court is sticking by its decision on redistricting.  An organization called Independent Maps wants voters to change the Illinois Constitution so a commission would draw district boundaries, rather than legislators themselves.

The Illinois Supreme Court has yet to make a decision on whether a constitutional amendment belongs on the ballot, even though election officials are set to certify the ballot tomorrow.

It helped Republican Bruce Rauner land the governor's office in his first election.  Now Rauner is making another run at term limits.

It will be another two years -- when Rauner's up for re-election -- before Illinois voters could even have the chance to vote on amending the state constitution to include term limits.

But Rauner's getting an early start at promoting the idea.

There's this slick new ad:

"The system -- it's broken.

"Once a politician gets to Springfield they never leave."

Supporters of changing how Illinois draws its legislative maps are defending their effort in court. 

The initiative is facing a lawsuit, similar to one that brought down a redistricting plan two years ago. Both attempts would have a commission to draw districts, instead of lawmakers themselves.

A grassroots movement pushing a constitutional amendment for November's ballot turned in more than 570 thousand petition signatures to the Illinois State Board of Elections today.  

Lawmakers are considering a plan to spell out rights of crime victims. Illinois voters approved a constitutional amendment in 2014. Representative Lou Lang is sponsoring a measure to implement it into existing law. 

Illinois Governor-elect Bruce Rauner kicked off a statewide tour Friday. He made a stop in several small communities including Chillicothe.

Thousands register to vote online in IL

Oct 15, 2014

Thousands of Illinois residents have taken part in the state's first foray into online voter registration. The State Board of Elections says 31,000 voters turned in online applications, with more than a third of those coming in the final two days before last week's deadline.

Crime victim advocates are encouraging Illinois voters to approve a proposed Constitutional amendment aimed at protecting victims' rights. But not everyone thinks an amendment is needed.

House Speaker Michael Madigan wants voters to weigh in on his so-called "millionaires' tax" at the November elections. The referendum would ask if income greater than a million dollars should be taxed an additional three percent, with the money going to schools.