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  The City of Peoria has a difficult time collecting housing fines. The city issued $3.8-Million in code violation fines in an 18-month period from January 2017 ending in June.  

The Peoria City Council learned the municipality currently doesn’t know how much of that amount it has collected. City manager Patrick Urich says some landlords ignore or appeal the fines.

No Bids for the Pere Marquette Hotel

Sep 12, 2018
Peoria Public Radio

The city of Peoria will not be repaid for $7-million dollars it loaned to Gary Matthews as he renovated the Pere Marquette Hotel.

Peoria Public Radio

The city of Peoria is preparing for a workforce reduction. Layoff notices were issued this month to 11 members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union or AFSME.

The city of Peoria will receive nearly $200 thousand in federal funding to support community programs.

A Peoria 'for Everyone'

Jun 20, 2018

 The City of Peoria has a new promotional tool to attract new skilled and professional talent. The four short videos center on the motto, “Peoria is for Everyone.”

Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis says “This is a message to send out amongst whoever we can touch with this and say there’s a lot of good things going on in Peoria to say, ‘we’re still here. We’re fighting and it’s a good community to live in.’”  

Kristin McHugh

Navigating portions of Peoria could be much easier in the near future. City officials unveiled a Downtown Wayfinding Plan at an open house Tuesday night. It includes a series of directional signs to navigate from the interstate to various destinations in the downtown, city center, riverfront and warehouse districts.

Kristin McHugh

Reconstruction of Peoria’s Allen Road-Willow Knolls Drive intersection is expected to begin next month. City officials unveiled the preferred plan at a public meeting Wednesday night. It involves new signals, reconfiguration of medians, new sidewalks and a bike path. City engineer Bill Lewis says a roundabout was considered for the aging intersection, but a public survey overwhelmingly favored traffic signals.

Peoria Pere and Courtyard Hotels In Foreclosure

Feb 14, 2018
Daryl Scott / Peoria Public Radio

  Pere Marquette and Courtyard Hotels in downtown Peoria are in foreclosure. The hotel properties were placed in receivership Wednesday by the emergency order of Judge Kate Gorman.


Efforts to refinance fell through Tuesday when the finance company Yam withdrew from negotiations. The hotel will eventually be sold at sheriff’s auction. That is a fairly standard practice in such foreclosures.

Peoria Eyes Strategy For Future

Nov 28, 2017

The City of Peoria occasionally updates its 15-year strategic plan, which includes both policy and management guidelines.


The council has already established guidelines for several policies for projects like combined sewer overflow and road maintenance. But City Manager Patrick Urich says the council still needs to develop policy direction in several other areas.


Peoria Firefighters Denounce Proposed Service Cuts

Nov 14, 2017
Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

The Peoria Firefighters’ Union says cuts the city is proposing are unacceptable to maintaining adequate public safety.

Peoria Tries To Reconcile Deficit

Sep 27, 2017

The city of Peoria faces a projected budget deficit of nearly eight-million dollars next year.  The city council Tuesday night agreed to offer a voluntary separation incentive to employees in hopes of reducing that deficit.

A group of business and community leaders in Peoria met with the Japanese Consul General Monday.

Consul General Naoki Ito was assigned to Chicago in February and vowed to pursue further economic opportunities for Japan in the Midwest.

The City of Peoria saw an increase in shootings last year but fewer homicides. Peoria Police Department Data shows a 40% increase in shootings. There were 98 shooting incidents in Peoria last year. Though some of those instances had multiple victims. 122 people were shot.

Savory Seeks Civil Damages From Peoria

Jan 11, 2017

Johnnie Lee Savory who maintains police coerced him into making a false confession to a double murder is suing the city of Peoria, its police department and a number of police officers.


Attorneys for Johnnie Lee Savory filed the civil suit Wednesday in federal court in Chicago. The suit asserts Peoria police coerced a false confession from Savory when he was 14 after 31 hours of "abusive and illegal interrogation." It also claims the city destroyed evidence and that recent DNA testing rules out Savory as a suspect.


Peoria's fire chief says five arsons over about 24 hours have destroyed vacant buildings within a half-mile of one another on the city's south side.

Chief Chuck Lauss says the only characteristic shared among the fires was that each was deliberately set. He says it's not clear how many people are responsible.


The city is seeking suggestions on ways to improve the social and economic challenges that disproportionate affect Peoria’s African American residents.

It comes in response to a recent ranking by the site 24/7 Wall Street that named Peoria “worst-in-the-nation,” in terms of racial disparities.

The data used to assign that unflattering designation shows the median income for black residents is less than half that of whites. The survey also included the unemployment rate, which is three times higher in Peoria’s black population, compared to whites.  

The meeting will take the form of small group discussions on the subjects of economic disparity, health, employment and education. The small group discussions aim to find potential solutions.

Business Group Urges City to Buy Water Company

Oct 26, 2016

The City of Peoria has the option to buy the water company every five years, with the next opportunity coming in 2019. Illinois-American Water Company currently provides the service.

Peoria's Economy Lags

Oct 12, 2016

Tax income for the city of Peoria isn’t as strong as anticipated. The city council took an initial look Tuesday night

  at a revised budget for next year, a budget originally approved a year ago as part of a two-year budgeting process.

Helping Black Owned Businesses in Peoria

Oct 5, 2016
Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

17th District Congresswoman Cheri Bustos visited the Minority Business Development Center in Peoria Tuesday.

Much of the space at the Black Business Alliance office at 2139 SW Adams is still under reconstruction. But it’s already working to help more minority owned businesses grow and succeed.

1st District Peoria City Council Woman Denise Moore is championing the effort to link perspective businesses owners to a variety of organizations like the Small Business Administration.

Wanted: Green Space for Downtown Peoria

Jul 27, 2016
City of Peoria /

The City of Peoria has proposed a time frame for the design of what could become green space along its downtown riverfront. The city will seek input for uses of what is now Riverfront Village from citizens and visitors through the website Further input will come from two to three public hearings between mid-August and mid-October. At that time, the city will conduct a survey asking for the public’s preferences in order to prioritize the suggested ideas.

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Peoria’s Downtown Development Corporation is planning to see Riverfront Village eventually become a linear park.

The City of Peoria is looking for input from residents on its community-wide garbage hauling service.  The City is considering the renewal option on its contract with Peoria Disposal Company.

Two informational meetings to get public comment are scheduled for Wednesday. Both are from six to seven o’clock in City Hall council Chambers and at the North Branch Peoria Public Library.

The City of Peoria is a finalist in a national competition that aims to transform vacant lots into recreational spaces. 

The City announced Wed. it was selected among 1,000 entries in the Play Everywhere Challenge. The competition awards $1 million to fund ideas for play areas.

Peoria’s submission called “Lots of Fun!” would repurpose vacant lots on the South Side into interactive spaces with features including art installations and whimsical landscaping, the City said.

Gravel driveways could make comeback in Peoria

Apr 13, 2016

The city of Peoria is looking for ways to reduce solid surfaces like asphalt and concrete driveways, parking lots and sidewalks.

That could mean gravel driveways make a return in an effort to reduce a household’s stormwater utility fee. City councilwoman Beth Akeson says that could make it more attractive to convert an asphalt or concrete driveway to gravel.


The state of the City of Peoria remains in balance, according to Mayor Jim Ardis. 

Peoria City residents will see the way they pay for garbage service change this year. The proposed Peoria City/County intergovernmental agreement will combine garbage service fees with property tax bills.

Both the Peoria City Council and Peoria County Board are scheduled to approve the deal this week. It provides for the city to pay the county $150,000 a year for billing and collection of garbage pick-up service fee. That will save the city about half of what it’s currently paying.

Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

More than 25 people attended the meeting last night on the Riverfront Park concept site plan. Most of the 90 minute meeting heard questions and concerns from those who oppose the redevelopment. They question whether the land the city is proposing as a replacement for Riverfront Park meets the state’s eligibility requirements.  

Peoria District 150 School board, the City of Peoria and the Moss Bradley Neighborhood Association are going back to the drawing board when it comes to finding a new purpose for the retired, historic Washington School building.

The November election results in the city of Peoria took longer than usual. This year will see some significant changes to the election process. 

Preparing for the first 2015 winter storm

Jan 2, 2015

The Peoria Public Works Department is prepared for the City’s first winter storm of the new year. A statement from the agency says the City snow plows trucks are prepared for a variety of winter conditions including rain, ice and snow.