Chris Kaergard

Peoria Journal Star Sees More News Staff Cuts

Sep 7, 2018
Phil Luciano, Facebook

Gatehouse, the parent company of the Peoria Journal Star terminated five more people Friday.

It’s the last day at the Journal Star for Chris Kaergard, Shannon Countryman, Thomas Bruch, and Aaron Ferguson. Wes Huett will be terminated Sept. 21. This staff reduction constitutes about 20-percent of the Peoria Journal Star’s newsroom and included people with 15-years of seniority.

Sports editor and long-time writer Kirk Wessler also took a buyout option. That leaves the paper with no sports editor, no city editor, and no opinion page editor.  

PJ Star's Kaergard to Bid Farewell to Budget Beard

Jul 8, 2016
Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

  Peoria Journal Star Political Reporter and Columnist Chris Kaergard will no doubt feel lighter after tomorrow. Kaergard has been growing a #budgetbeard since May of last year, when the governor and state lawmakers failed to agree on a budget. But lawmakers finally achieved a stopgap spending last week and that means tomorrow Kaergard will get a clean shave.

It's not often the worlds of state government and hair-care converge - but one Illinois reporter has changed that.

Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

Peoria Journal Star Columnist and Political Reporter Chris Kaergard is taking a different tact on Illinois’ Budget stalemate. The political standoff is about 55 days old and Kaergard’s beard is too. In fact, it’s something many have started calling his “budget beard.” Peoria Public Radio’s Tanya Koonce talks with Kaergard about his growth of facial hair that would by all accounts make Santa jealous.


Outside The Horseshoe - June 10, 2014

Jun 10, 2014 / Peoria Public Radio

  The Peoria City Council again deferred the Marriott Hotel management change question Tuesday, June 10, 2014. The city is in the secondary lender seat on the redevelopment project and is waiting on the primary lender to sign-off.