Bradley Univeristy

Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

Main Street in Peoria is fully open between Farmington Road and Maplewood.

A water main break last week meant a large portion of the road needed to be removed. Illinois American Water crews replaced about 10 feet of water main. That work was completed soon after the water main break.


But the restoration work took a little longer. The road restoration was completed and it was reopened Tuesday.




Kristin McHugh

Bradley University’s new business and engineering complex is on track to open next summer. Construction of the 5-story building on Main Street is 45-percent complete. Larry McGuire is Bradley's Director of Facilities Operations. He provided behind the scenes access to local media Tuesday. McGuire says the complex features two distinct sections, each with different support structures.


“The concrete side is our college of engineering and its been constructed of concrete to support the requirements within that college,” says McGuire.

This week, our guests are Sarah Salazar-Martin and Trevor Bety. They're the director and assistant director, respectively, of "Dead Man's Cell Phone" at Bradley University Theatre. The play tells the story of a woman who answers a stranger's phone, and finds herself drawn deeper and deeper into that man's life. Along the way, it explores issues of connection, isolation and intimacy. Salazar-Martin and Bety say that those themes have particular resonance for a generation that has grown up with smart phones and their promise of instant, ubiquitous communication.

King Creates BU Scholarship Fund

Nov 2, 2017
Tamie Yost / Peoria Public Radio

Radio and television host Larry King is donating $1 Million to Bradley University. King’s donation is to start a scholarship for under-represented students majoring in communications.

  King will make a return visit to Bradley, November 7th to participate in the Charley Steiner Symposium for Sports Communication.

Tony Adams Chairs the Department of Communication at Bradley. He says King’s gift provides an important financial resource and secures the ability to continue offering inclusive educational opportunities.

Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

More than 500 people turned out for a public forum at Bradley University on the subject of hate groups and the proliferation of hateful acts.

Southern Poverty Law Center Outreach Director Lecia Brooks was the featured speaker. She says the sharp increase in acts of hate are real. She says the First Amendment protects all but people should sit idly by when hate speech comes up: