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The Peoria City Council will decide whether or not to regulate Airbnb's and other short-term rentals. 

SPRINGFIELD - Illinois officials say that Airbnb's ban on lodging listings in the disputed West Bank violates state law.

SPRINGFIELD - Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner wants to pressure Airbnb into reversing its decision barring lodging listings in the disputed West Bank.

To solve Chicago's affordable housing crisis, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is calling on developers to think small.

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A federal lawsuit contends that the city of Chicago crossed the line into the privacy of people's homes by imposing sweeping regulations governing Airbnb and other home-sharing services.  The lawsuit filed by Keep Chicago Livable, a nonprofit formed by current and former Airbnb hosts.

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Chicago's City Council has approved rules to address complaints that short-term rental companies like Airbnb are turning residential buildings into virtual hotels and party hotspots.  Council members passed the measure after weeks of debate and a compromise that failed to fully satisfy critics on either side.

The debate over regulating short term home rentals through companies like Airbnb has come to Chicago.  A City Council panel heard testimony on a proposal to limit the number of units rented per building, require city registration, and impose a surcharge to pay for homeless services. 

Art lovers have a chance to spend one starry night in Vincent Van Gogh's bedroom for only $10.  The Art Institute of Chicago decorated a one-bedroom apartment to look like Van Gogh's painting of his bedroom in the south of France.

One Chicago suburb is considering regulations on treehouses.  This after one resident built an elaborate treehouse filled with amenities that he is advertising online to rent for nearly $200 a night.