Woodford County Library Takes New Approach to Tackling Fake News

Aug 26, 2019

A Woodford County library system is tackling fake news.

The Illinois Prairie Public Library District is currently testing NewsGuard, a Chrome browser plug-in, on staff computers. 

The NewsGuard team vets websites for factual accuracy and grades them. Satirical sites are also labeled. 

Joel Shoemaker is the executive director of the library district. He says the plug-in fits in with the library’s mission of providing good information to the public.

“We do want to be able to allow them to get good information. And it’s something librarians have done forever with print material," said Shoemaker.

The plug-in still allows users to access flagged content. A full rollout is expected in September. Illinois Prairie is the first library system in the state to take this approach.

It runs libraries in Metamora, Germantown Hills, Roanoke, Benson, Spring Bay and Washburn.