Weather Service, IMEA Expect Little Flooding on the Mississippi This Spring

Apr 12, 2017

Credit National Weather Service

The National Weather Service says there is not a great risk of flooding along the Mississippi River during the next 90 days. The Illinois Emergency Management Agency considers that a window of opportunity.

The National Weather Service projection is welcome news to Paul Rasch. He is chief of operations for the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.

Rasch says his agency will use this low-risk period to meet with local elected leaders and first responders up and down the river… to improve communication and make sure people are on the same page before a flood.

(RASCH :09 “A beautiful day like this sitting here in a nice dry conference room is the place to do this, not standing out in the rain with the water coming up around us.”)

Rasch spoke to about 25 people in Quincy during one of those meetings.

Similar meetings are planned during the next two weeks in locations such as the Quad Cities and Carbondale.