Warehouse District's Momentum Continues With New Mixed-Use Development

Nov 7, 2019

Another big new mixed-use development is coming to the Warehouse District. 

Developer Casey Baldovin is purchasing the Federal Building and the adjacent Mitchell Fabric building on Southwest Adams for $23 million dollars. The development will include 96 higher-end apartments, retail outlets, and a rooftop restaurant. 

But Baldovin says he doesn't just want to be another set of shopping and housing. 

"Really catalize bringing people down here, I make my buildings interactive. If you have a kid around, you want to do some shopping or go to a restaurant, these aren't just a cold building to them. It's interactive. So we want to get murals and stuff for them to do while they're down here." 

First District Councilwoman Denise Moore says none of this development in this area would have happened without the foresight of visionaries ten years ago.

"These things take time. It's like a kid. You know, when you have a kid, they don't come out and start running down the street. You have to take time to grow and develop and nurture, and this is the result of that," she said. 

The city applied for grants over a decade ago to fix up Southwest Washington Street in a move to attract redevelopment of the old warehouses. The Warehouse District is also in several federal and state incentive zones. 

Baldovin is also behind "The Block" in the Warehouse District. 

The redevelopment is expected to be completed in mid-2021.