Wanted: Green Space for Downtown Peoria

Jul 27, 2016

One of several proposals for downtown Peoria, as seen on planpeoria.com
Credit City of Peoria / planpeoria.com

The City of Peoria has proposed a time frame for the design of what could become green space along its downtown riverfront. The city will seek input for uses of what is now Riverfront Village from citizens and visitors through the website planpeoria.com. Further input will come from two to three public hearings between mid-August and mid-October. At that time, the city will conduct a survey asking for the public’s preferences in order to prioritize the suggested ideas. Design professionals will then develop a conceptual plan beginning in the new year. The process is dependent on the city council exercising its right to acquire and demolish Riverfront Village.

The council last night took an initial look at city building and fire code changes. If enacted, the changes will follow national codes with one significant exception. City staff recommends the council not follow national code involving residential sprinkler systems. If the exception is approved next month, newly constructed single family homes will not be required to include sprinklers.