Village of Men Welcomes Quest Students Back to School

Aug 7, 2019

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Quest Charter Academy High School students were welcomed back by a whole Village of Men Wednesday. 

Every year, a group of men line the path to the school’s front door to welcome students back to another school year. Peoria City Councilman Sid Ruckriegel was one of them.

“I look at these events and I go, I wish these were happening when I was in school. Because, again, I think that it’s so to see our public show up and to see them line up and line that entrance going in," he said. 

The event attracted dozens of men (and women) eager to cheer on and high-five the students as they headed back to the classroom.

“It’s the community members coming in and uplifting children as they come into the school for their first day to cheer them on and let them know they can have a great day because everyone’s behind them. They’re not alone," said Heather Oyler, Quest's director of development.