U of I President, Officials Look to Expand in Peoria

Aug 31, 2016

University of Illinois President Timothy Killeen
Credit Tanya Koonce / Peoria Public Radio

The Jump Trading Simulation Center in Peoria hosted a meeting with U of I President Timothy Killeen, business and community leaders, along with state and federal lawmakers.

The stated objective of the meeting was to talk about potential opportunities to further existing partnerships that will in turn produce economic growth.

President Killeen says it was the largest delegation of U of I Officials ever to meet in Peoria.

“Reflections on today that I have is how excited our team was from the University of Illinois and the local counter parts in sort of scoping out the panorama of opportunities that could be delivered optimally to this community and this city,” Killeen said.

The closed-door, large, round table meeting took place before a tour of the Jump Trading Simulation Center’s new OSF Innovation Center. The Jump Center is a collaboration between the U of I College of Medicine and OSF Healthcare.

The U of I group also met with Caterpillar leaders and talked potential advancements for their ongoing partnership on the Blue Waters Supercomputing Project.   

Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis was also in one of the the closed door meeting. He says the city asked to have the University of Illinois-Springfield’s presence in the community expanded into a U of I - Peoria Campus.