Target opens in East Peoria's new Levee Distrist

Mar 5, 2013

Ribbon cutting at East Peoria's new Target Store
  The new Target Store in East Peoria is open for business. It’s part of the city’s new downtown that includes new roads with a roundabout and storefront opportunities for shops and restaurants. The Costco Store opened about four months ago as one of the anchors to the Levee District. East Peoria Mayor Dave Mingus says, "target is really very symbolic of our vision being enforce. It's been a long journey and now with these openings and more to come, it really just makes it a reality for our public and our region. It’s for real, the Levee District and its going to be really great for our people.”  The new Target Store employes more than 150 people. The store is in its soft opening now. The grand opening is Sunday morning at 10:00.