Superintendents Speak on Senate Bill 1

Aug 16, 2017

Local school superintendents are telling an Illinois House panel that the changes Gov. Bruce Rauner made to school-funding legislation will hurt their school districts. 

A House education appropriations committee heard testimony Wednesday on legislation that incorporates changes the Republican governor made in an amendatory veto of Senate Bill 1. It's a measure that revamps the school-funding formula. It aims to get more money to neediest districts first. 

Rauner says it favors Chicago schools over others and limits state funding flexibility. His amendatory veto cuts $450 million from Chicago and redistributes it. 

Dan Cox says it's similar to a payday loan. The Staunton schools superintendent says his district would get more money now "at a higher cost later."

Centralia School Superintendent Craig Clark says Senate Bill 1 before the veto "works for Chicago, Centralia and Cairo."