State workers protest Rauner proposals

Jun 9, 2015

Union workers protested in Springfield today against what they say are unfair proposals from Governor Bruce Rauner. State workers and the administration have yet to reach an agreement for contracts, which end June 30th. Frank Prohaska has been a union member for 28 years.  He works for AFSCME, the state's largest public employee union. He says it's time for a compromise:

 "Nobody knows what's going to happen on July 1, all right? Nobody on either side knows what's going to happen July 1, but we're going to continue to bargain in good faith. I believe we've got bargaining dates scheduled after July 1. We're going to be preparing for the worst and hoping for the best and bargaining in good faith."

 Unions say Rauner wants to freeze wages and prevent the raises their members deserve. Rauner says he's concerned with the cost unions have on taxpayers. Union workers also held demonstrations in Decatur and Kankakee, and have events planned throughout the week.