State Board of Elections Corrects AVR Glitch Disclosure

Jan 23, 2020

The Illinois State Board of Elections is correcting information it previously released about non-citizens mistakenly registered under the state's automatic voter registration system who then illegally cast a ballot. 

Spokesman Matt Dietrich now says there are 15, not 16 people, who voted illegally in the 2018 general election or 2019 primary or general consolidated elections after the Secretary of State's Office erroneously registered them.

Dietrich also said illegal voters previously referenced in Peoria, Macon, and Christian counties are in fact U.S. citizens. He also said a voter he said cast two ballots in a single election in fact cast two ballots in two different elections. 

He said there were 545 people mistakenly registered in all.

The AVR error was first disclosed to local election authorities last month.