Something's Coming: "West Side Story" Opens Next Weekend at Peoria Players

Jan 25, 2019

This week, we're talking with Clifford Clark, Assistant Director of Peoria Players' production "West Side Story." It's one of his favorite shows -- this is the fifth time he's been involved in a production.

Clark talks about the production team behind the show; how they're trying to make full use of the Peoria Players stage to create a compelling visual "frame" for the story they're telling; and about honoring the show's iconic music and choreography. He also says the young characters at the center of the story give the show an exuberance and driving energy; and that it's themes of misunderstanding and xenophobia are as relevant today as theyw ere in the 1950s.

"West Side Story" opens next weekend at Peoria Players Theatre. Peformances  run February 1st through 10th.