Some Peoria Council Members Unhappy with Recycling Program

Jun 26, 2019

Peoria City Manager Patrick Urich discusses the city's new recycling program in January 2019.
Credit WCBU/Kristin McHugh

There’s a dispute over the collection of recyclables in the city of Peoria. A new contract called for bi-weekly pickup citywide.

Some residents in older parts of the city then asked for pickup in alleys rather than at the front curb. The council earlier approved that request. Peoria Disposal Company has difficulty picking up recyclables in alleys. That resulted in all homes south of Forrest Hill Avenue having pickup once a month. Houses north of that line receive recyclable pickup bi-weekly.

Council members representing the southern portion of the city expressed dismay over the unequal treatment. PDC legal counsel Brian Meginnes reminded the city council it could have citywide bi-weekly pickup right now.

"The issue is certain parts of the city want to be treated differently and they want alley pickup service, not curb service, says Meginnes."

The city council last night voted to extend negotiations with PDC until July 31 to determine how recyclables will be collected.