Simulating Poverty Realities in Greater Peoria

Mar 16, 2018

More than 80 area professional participated in a poverty simulation at the Peoria Dream Center.

The Heart of Illinois United Way hosted the event. Stephen Peterson is the Vice President of Resource Development for the organization.  He says the simulation aims to help participants start to understand what it might be like to live at or just above the poverty level month to month.  

“We want to bring that education and awareness and hopefully start even a deeper conversation about how people can get involved in their community and help out with their time, their talent, their treasures,” Peterson said.  

The Heart of Illinois United Way’s annual community giving campaign is generally very well supported and successful. That helps make up the agency’s Community Impact Fund.

HOI United Way’s Community Impact Fund supports about 85 programs and services in the region that largely serve the working poor and those living in poverty.    

The annual cost of basic needs: food, child care, medical expenses, housing and utilities, transportation costs, clothing, personal hygiene for a single parent with one child is $39,004.