Sequester cuts impact on Scott Air Force Base

85 billion dollars in across-the-board budget cuts set to begin this Friday would have an immediate impact at Scott Air Force Base in the Metro East. About 13,000 work at the military base and its one of the largest employers in the St. Louis region.

Congressman Bill Enyart represents the district.  He says the sequester cuts would not target military personnel specifically, but could have significant impact on readiness and training. “Last week when Colonel Almand, the Base Commander, briefed me he indicated that it would be 4500, potentially, employees here at Scott that would receive a one-day per week furlough.  The remaining employees are mission-critical and would not be impacted.” Across the river in Missouri, the Obama administration warned that Defense Department civilian employees could face $40 million in cuts, in addition to funding for education and environmental management.