Salvation Army Seeks Volunteers to Complete Rust Transitional Shelter

Aug 24, 2016

Rust Transitional Shelter
Credit Google maps

The Salvation Army Shelter in Pekin closed in June for a complete renovation and is looking toward its rebirth. The Rust Transitional Shelter is looking to open its doors in about 30 days.

Rich Draeger is with the Salvation Army. He says they could use additional volunteer help to finish the flooring, plumbing, and cabinet installation in the kitchen:

“In the interim we’ve also been revamping the programming and the staff. So when we reopen we will be utilizing what we call our Pathway of Hope which is more designed to work with intact families, especially Families with children.”

The Rust Transitional Shelter will be capable of serving six to eight families when it reopens.

It will reopen under the direction of Tom Fulop, the Army’s Tri-County Social Ministries Director. He spent more than decade managing the Safe Harbor Shelter in Bloomington.

Those interested in volunteering are asked to call the Salvation Army at 309-346-3010.