Richwoods Students Learn About Business by Launching Company

Nov 16, 2016

Tom Hayes, Richwoods High School Social Students teacher and leader of the AppsCo program to be launched at the school in January.
Credit Tanya Koonce

Junction City Ventures along with several other business sponsors are working with Peoria Public Schools to launch a student-run company. It’s called AppsCo.

That stands for A Peoria Public Schools Company. The pilot project is launching with about 30 students at Richwoods High School in January.

Richwoods Social Studies Teacher Tom Hayes will lead the student based mobile advertising business. He says the Sophomore and Junior students will start with a 7-week entrepreneurial class offered by Junior Achievement and then run their own business. 

“Students are going to be doing everything that a normal business would do. They are going to be doing marketing, software development, social media, public relations, budget, finance and of course sales. Everyone is going to be a salesperson in this company.”  

Hayes says the objective is to help the students develop hard and soft business skills. The mobile marketing app is expected to be launched by the students in March.