Restored Abraham Lincoln Banner returning to Peoria

Dec 26, 2017

PEORIA, Ill. (AP) - A brighter and more colorful Abraham Lincoln is returning to the Peoria Historical Society early next year.

A satin banner showing Lincoln in oil paint carrying a briefcase and scroll that heralded his election to the presidency in 1861 has been restored to some of its original brilliance. 

Credit Peoria Historical Society / Facebook

The 6-month project - funded a donation by Caterpillar - was recently completed in Chicago. Caterpillar is also contributing a custom display case to protect the delicate material for exhibits, starting with the one at the Caterpillar Visitors Center beginning in February. 

 The banner that was last on display in February was first carried by abolitionists in parades during Lincoln's 1860 to 1861 presidential campaign and may have been similarly used in his run for re-election.