Republican senators criticizing Quinn's handling of two appointees

Apr 4, 2014

Republican state senators are criticizing Governor Pat Quinn for his handling of two appointees. They say he used a legal loophole to gain time to get the officials confirmed.

Quinn and the Senate faced a deadline Friday to re-appoint Julie Hamos as director of the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, and appoint Manny Flores as head of the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

Quinn withdrew the nominations and then immediately resubmitted them, effectively resetting the clock.State Senator Darin LaHood, from near Peoria, says the move is "unprecedented" in modern times.

"And really what it is, is it's a sneaky abuse of power ... and there's no explanation for it, whatsoever, from anybody. ... And to hold nobody accountable is ridiculous."

Lawmakers have criticized the two appointees about budget cuts and other issues. Quinn told reporters Senate President John Cullerton requested the procedural maneuver to gain more time. Cullerton's spokeswoman confirmed the two had discussed using the procedure.