Report Finds Bullying, Intimidation in Speaker Madigan's Office

Aug 20, 2019

An investigation of sexual harassment in House Speaker Michael Madigan's office found that control has been too centralized and discourages complaints about mistreatment.

 Madigan on Tuesday released a report he ordered by former state executive inspector general Maggie Hickey . It focused on three allegations of sexual misconduct or intimidation. It found sufficient evidence to back up one complaint that Madigan's now-resigned chief of staff Timothy Mapes made inappropriate sexual comments and intimidated employees.

 Hickey says Mapes' power was too centralized for appropriate communication. He could not be reached Tuesday. 

 Hickey says she heard many concerns about bullying and a "militant" staff. 

 Madigan says he takes "responsibility for not doing enough previously" but noted that Hickey pointed out significant steps he's taken to improve the atmosphere.