Recreational Cannabis Will Provide Local Cultivator A Chance to Grow

Jun 11, 2019

Revolution gets its water from Delavan, but it's thoroughly cleaned before it's used on plants. The pH levels have to be just right.
Credit Jeff Smudde / WGLT

DELAVAN -- A Central Illinois medical cannabis grower says the legalization of recreational cannabis in the state will offer new opportunities to expand.



Revolution Enterprises operates a cultivation facility in Delavan in southern Tazewell County. Ali Jubelirer is their new General Counsel.



“We’re looking for other opportunities in Illinois. We have a great footprint here already, but, I think, you know, I think there’s obviously room to grow, and the recreational bill allows for that, so we’ll be looking at all that available opportunity," she said. 


In March, the company closed on 70 acres to expand its Delavan facility by over 600,000 square feet in anticipation of legalized recreational cannabis usage.

Current medical growers will be the only ones licensed to grow cannabis for recreational purposes for the first year of legalization in the legislation passed by the Illinois General Assembly.

After a year, smaller growers would be allowed to enter the marketplace.

The legislation would go into effect Jan. 1, 2020. Gov. J.B. Pritzker said he'll sign the bill.