Rauner threatens to not sign legislature's budget

Jun 10, 2015

At a stop Wednesday in Decatur, Governor Bruce Rauner indicated he'd let the state go without a budget if Democratic leaders don't bend to his wishes ... and he’ll blame it on the Democrats too.

Last month, Democrats pushed through a budget that spends $4 billion more than the state has. Rauner says he won't sign it ... or talk revenue ... until his pro-business ideas are also passed. The governor says getting the five items on his agenda passed shouldn't be a big deal.


Do you guys know how many bills they passed this spring? 500.

No, but I know there's going to be a lot of cuts that you're proposing for childcare and homecare.

You know what? Caused by Madigan and Cullerton.

The woman interrupting is referring to Rauner’s announcement last week that he plans to reduce low-income families’ access to subsidized childcare. 

After his speech, the governor squared off with Decatur resident and childcare provider Annie Yarbary, who told him she worries about July 1 arriving with no budget.

R: I agree with you. And you'll help, help me, just these are--

Y: What do you want me to help you with?

R: Ask your senator and ask your representative--

Y: I already have, I've talked to Senator Manar and I've talked to Sue Scherer--

R: What did they say?

Y: They're saying that we need to find revenue.

*Rauner laughs*

R: All they want to do is force a tax hike then we're all going to lose in the long run. Stay involved and I'll see again.

Thank you.

Democratic leaders say while they won't push through a tax hike without GOP support, they also won't give in to the governor's legislative requests.